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  1. I support this idea but I want to say that it should be removed from all the servers, this is just a command and a plus for the trolls, they wanted to eliminate them, they will not get it before they call them more and more.


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    2. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      It is something that has to be eliminated as the hack of 8 options that circulates on a Russian page, all this has to be removed, this is a realism simulator but apparently they are not supporting it in its entirety.

    3. [GR]  Loxagos

      [GR] Loxagos

      the truckersmp remove one hack to make another hack because the first one they don't  have their name..hahah good job truckersmp..make the game worse 1 more time..

    4. LordBenji


      Tool for trolls, just like cars. Good point, but there's trolls everywhere... Also, if people doesn't have access to "/fix", they can always rely on no damage hack (which is deemed as an offence, ironically).


      Where is TMP going? I really don't get it...

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