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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island? ×


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Community Answers

  1. From what the photo show, it looks like a legal parking area. But, i don't see any indications that it's a parking area. But it could be used as a turning lane into what looks like a recruitment place. I would suggest having appeal evidence in case they have filed a report. For the future, i would advise either parking in an NCZ area, or finding a legal parking space.
  2. Server side weather won't be happening. Not only would connecting to said server have to check for weather changes, it would have to swap to what the current weather would be. I prefer the client side setting. You can change the rain probability to be what you want. Some players like super long storms. Some just want rain. And others, want a dry drive. Seasons won't be happening, aside from the supported seasonal mods. The game keeps track of time with Week 1 when you first make your profile. With increasing week numbers as days progress. Days being tracked as Mon, Wed, Sat, ect. The game doesn't use a calendar to keep track of time. Making it impossible to keep track of a seasonal cycle.
  3. Original post has been updated. Only ranks i couldn't obtain are: Add-On Information Forum Administrator Head Of Community Official Streamer Project Coordinator Reports Disabled Retired Manager Senior Add-On Manager Senior Community Manager Senior Community Moderation Manager Senior Event Manager Senior Translation Manager Social Media Social Media Manager Stream Moderator Support Trainee Team Member Trusted Moderator Trusted Support VTC World Owner Which, can be filtered in a member search. At the top, select "+More Search Options". In the center, allows you to filter groups (one or as many as you want).
  4. Like i said above, the hacker deleted the photos. I have to re-find them to get it fixed
  5. A hacker deleted them from my personal discord after hacking into my account. I shall get them fixed soon.
  6. Not just special operations, Convoy Events also. TMP Admins can edit the map. When they shut down CD Road for a Diversion event, they made the train crossing have a train accident. Those AI traffic are scripted to follow road rules and even bypass the blockers. They aren't real players. As you can control the traffic density with a config "g_traffic" 0 for no traffic 1 for default 10 for rush hour (and gridlocks in some places)
  7. Game Rules: It's a standard truck. No trailers. Can't swap the truck out for a car/bus. You're only allowed to swap out one part and must wait for the next reply. If you say a part name and it can seem confusing, please specify where the part belongs to, as it can avoid having any confused readers from having to look it up. Fuel Tank can't be altered. Location of where the truck is doesn't matter as it's in the shop for the next reply to work on. The truck still has to be functional. No removal of vital parts like fluids, chassis, body frame, ect. What can be swapped: Tires Engine Interior Fenders Beacon Doors Headlights Windshield Mirrors Brand Name of the truck (example: Scania to Daf). License Plate (Forum Rules still apply). Paint Job (One color per part, per swap). Example: Truck is bought. I change the paint of driver door to green. Truck is passed off to next reply. I change the wheels to be slicks. I swap out the engine for a slower engine. Game Starts Truck is bought
  8. In addition to what Maxi said, Event Managers also have the ability to edit placed objects on the map and they update in real time. No need to restart the game or update a mod to support the change(s). TMP's Servers are also most stable. I don't play Convoy Mod. But i'm sure, a 128 player convoy would be constant lag/FPS drops, especially with mods. Something TMP doesn't support (for the sake of all of our pc's).
  9. I'm one of them lol. I say "rec". But don't bother to report. It just takes more time to have to go through my YT past streams to find it. I used to stream on Twitch. But, having 7 days to save/download the VOD was a pain and i switched to YT. So, i just file an in game report and hope something comes of it. If not, no big deal. Because somebody else will report them.
  10. Any video game can be about fun. That's why we play it. Listing every game we have fun it is a topic on it's own. There is no mandatory log book download. Your jobs are logged in your career progression, which makes a logbook useless. Unless you are in a VTC and they require you to log your jobs. Wherever you saw this is misinformation from a fan. Because SCS is all about simulation. Even if they haven't implemented other simulation factors that will make it more realistic to IRL. If you still want to stick with that lie, by all means, link the official source you got it from. From the Steam Store Page. Which also has a DEVELOPER Broadcast going on. Where the dev is using simulation. I'm sorry you've been fed lies. Even the simulation community will fight you because you drive a truck in a simulation to deliver goods as you grow your company.
  11. I didn't say race. I said it as a potential timeframe deadline for each batch that wants to be added. That's if they consider my idea. I don't want to disable chat. And i don't want them to spam it with their ad's. I'd rather it be on their trailer. At least then, it's out of the way and i can always look away from it or just focus on my driving to not care. I do try to ignore it being spammed in chat. Problem is, they make it 3-5 lines of the chat.
  12. Making them spawn on CD will just add more congestion, more problems. If you want that experience, go into your config, set "g_traffic" to 10 and just drive with Road Events to the max. Minus the impatient players, you'll be getting the experience of what it will be like to add these to populated areas. Sorry, but i stick to what i said. You also get a lot less in low populated areas. Might as well get AFK kicked from the server and just drive.
  13. SCS is in the process of updating the older map. Which is like 1:24th scale. Into the current map, which is 1:10th scale. They are not doing a 1:1 scale. Everybody has a different life they live. They can't factor in all of it. Nor, is it necessary for the sake of the game. The reason for all the "rec", is because there are driving rules that these trolls and kids don't want to abide by. No one would ever drive their IRL vehicles like they do on Sim 1. Avoid CD Road and you avoid all of that. The only reason TMP can exist is because we aren't charging players to play the mod. Which goes against SCS' terms of conditions and would shut us down. Any ideas you want to suggest for the main game can be submitted on the SCS forum.
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