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  1. Around this time (16:00 GMT; 11:00 EST [-5]), is typically the most active times. Play 12 hours from now and you'll be in the quieter times. At the time of making this post, the servers look like this:
  2. Whenever SCS releases a new beta version or even the next version (such as 1.42, 2.75, 9.82), TruckersMP needs some time to add it to their servers. It's recommended to wait until it's done or don't upgrade. TMP automates the process with new trucks and new map expansions. But if a feature's changed (like the lighting on 1.40), it will take longer.
  3. For Windows 10, what's the buttons needed to open the console? ` doesn't work.

    1. ScaniaFan89


      press ` ( key directly below escape )

    2. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      @ScaniaFan89Just realized how much of a dum dum i am lol. uset g_console "0" was set to 0 not 1. Fixed now. Could of sworn i enabled it when i turned developer on.

  4. I just want more traffic in the free area's. Want the drive to Metz, Berlin, Mannheim, ect to be a little more populated so it's not always a ghost town. Half the time, i avoid CD. And a bit of time will be passing through CD. While it's great to be playing with others, i don't get what the obsession is with that road. There's only 4 possible spots to get off at. Calais Highway, 2 highways, and Duisburg exit. It's a small road lane wise, one in each direction. I'm not asking them to get any DLC's if they don't wish. Just want them to spread out so there's action all over the free area's and th
  5. Make it an official server mod for Sim 4 and there's no way it can be cheated. Unless you are seeing full sessions of everyone doing the challenge, how do you know no one may try to alter a rule.
  6. I don't just drive up and CD. I've been to Rotterdam, Berlin, and even Italy where there's a huge player difference at any given time. Tell that to 1,000+ players who are currently on CD as we speak. I'm seeing a queue leaving Duisburg, not surprised. Tell them to go explore the map. This suggestion wouldn't even be needed if players spread out. But for some reason, they can't get buddy up and go elsewhere. Yes, it's their choice. But when does it become boring to drive up and down the same road 200 times a day, 1,000 times a week? I don't have to think of the players who are addicted to that
  7. Thank you for your feedback. While i respect that, i just don't care about WoT contracts. Sets you to a slow speed regardless of the speed limiter and the road speed. Feels like it takes all month to complete a single job. Plus, players who like doing WoT can take a slightly longer route by taking the train to Dover and then taking the ferry to Calais. No offense but i'm trying to think of how to improve problem areas so that traffic can flow a little bit easier. If your main focus is about WoT, i recommend playing on a server without map edits, sticking to Single Player, or avoiding contracts
  8. Another fine day of driving around with some CD in the mix. I just had a thought. Let's add toll booths along the CD road from both sides of the highways. Sure, the trolls will spread out. But they will also have to pay if they want to keep using it. Actually, let's make every road around CD have toll booths also.

    1. povgamer


      Tolls on the CD road sounds like a decent idea.

  9. Have you checked this? This is the Map's livedata typically around 12 hours from now. It shows the true amount of players who would stick with TMP. If those "idle waiters" want to wait for this to pass, they can do what you mentioned and leave the roads in a much safer condition during the time.
  10. I believe the Brussels/Rotterdam one was also based on a real location on the map. The one i made is based on the real location it comes from. As linked here, this is the real location. Which i've put into a different map mode. You can also explore it in Street View to see it first hand. Thank you. I originally tried using an overlay and that made the connecting roads way off. While it's SCS' game, they have nothing to do with the multiplayer aspect of TMP. Plus, SCS left this area of France out when they made Viva La France. Apparently, not updating this intersec
  11. As majority of us know, this area is a huge problem area for anyone trying to enter and/or leave the city of Calais. The highway exit ramp has a stop sign while the Calais Road has a stop if players choose be kind enough to alternate which road is allowed to go. My previous suggestion about adding a stop light here can be thrown out. The stop light is only going to make this AREA worse as there would be a queue most likely going into Calais and the highway would be blocked with a queue. About this image The area in yellow is what's being altered and is what is currently in
  12. Shh...don't give TMP trolls any ideas. It just means that when you host, you ban them if they join and block them on Steam.
  13. Pro's Meet a lot of players. You won't find trolls in any of the paid expansions. Con's Trolls & idiots who don't know what driving means. If you plan to go on the popular routes, you'd best have a lot of cash on hand and a camera recording. When all the trolls get offline, the servers are dead. Because of the diverse community, some players may speak languages you don't know. I'd recommend turning CB off or switching from channel 19. Going East DLC is typically the least active DLC. Trolls think everyone is filming for an "idiots on the
  14. TruckersMP won't be impacted that much. At the moment, the beta is only doing convoys. If i'm not mistaken, it can only hold 10 players with synced everything. That's way less then 4,800 players. SCS has to show us that their multiplayer will be just as good, if not better then TMP. Which i'm guessing means that traffic offenses are on by default, detours on, and what not. Now if SCS wants to get info from TMP about handling this amount of players, then that is the key to making their mp great.
  15. What's the buttons used to open command line on Windows 10? "`" does nothing. "FN + `" does nothing.

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