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  1. When did the server start kicking potato computers? Yesterday, i tried playing ATS and ETS 2. ATS had more of an issue where the assets were loading in (seems like through dial-up), potatoed in place and kicked for "unstable connection". Then ATS crashed. With ETS 2, the assets were loading in, slight potato, kicked for the same reason, but the game didn't crash.

  2. 12 hours ago, i was able to play ATS just fine. And now, i got maximum potato going on? It took roughly an hour to go from Roswell to Artesia.

  3. Aquatic Sparrow


    Hello. Today is my second session of attempting to play online for this game. I don't know what's going on. ATS has no problems, but ETS 2 does have one. Upon logging in the my first session, i was there for 45 minutes, just driving around the NCZ in Katowice (which had less close players). I then went into this second session to play and waited 30 minutes before calling it quits in Luxembourg. I checked the console log and there's minor errors about missing "sha_x_ori" with the caravan and a couple of non physical cog's here and there.
  4. Some players play as if there are no lights. Just report them (Report was denied since they ran the red). What i do is i'll run red's so long as no one is coming or is on the minimap to where i would have to stop. But if there is close traffic/someone there, i'll wait through the cycles.
  5. Any road can be a scenic road really. For me, it would either be a city street going through skyscrapers (course it won't happen in the game since SCS doesn't like going through those kinds of cities). And the other, would be anything that gives an awesome view when it's sunset time.
  6. The Caravan is exclusive cargo to the scout only. Maybe the team did some tweaking? I don't know. I haven't played since the end of Feb 2018.
  7. The rule was updated? Because i just checked the rules page and rule 5.2 (Auto Kicks) says: Double Trailers (ETS2) - Doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC. Taking them outside will cause the server to kick you. I do not see any rule about double trailer ownership.
  8. Welcome to the CD Road. The most impatient chaotic sector you will ever be in. I call it "The Warzone" for a reason. If you want the driving manners, go to a paid expansion (Itaila, Viva La France, ect).
  9. The only time CD is slightly dead is when SCS releases a new update and TMP takes about a week to adapt it. Welcome to the Calasis-Duisburg Road, or as i call it "The warzone". If you are even thinking about going that way, make sure you have the following things: A video recorder for the /pinfo of the player(s) who rams, blocks, or overtakes in a high population area. You can also use the clip and share it with Youtube and the community. Lots of money. 85% of the time, your truck and/or trailer will take damage that will require you to repair (if you are doing quick job, make sure you have the economy loaded). Lots of patience. You are bound to get stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on the road (especially as you get near the Rotterdam-Brussel highway). If you have a scout car (skoda) or not a trailer, don't be adding useless traffic. I have some videos when i was in the CD Chaos: Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4FvVg9BilpiBk6YmgtnlVODCw8MaMW2 (Mid 2017-Early 2018) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4FvVg9Bilpe_0V9PVn2zMwtpDXOE3BS (Late 2016-Mid 2017) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4FvVg9Bilph3Juloppcx_UtYWUbSeYv (Early 2016-Late 2016) As you can see, the stuff i said you will need comes into massive play in the warzone.
  10. I got a view of it while waiting for this nonsene potato lag to settle down.
  11. Wow. I had the worst potato lag today. Got on about 12 hours ago on EU 2 when there's about 4,100 on. I spawned at my garage in Katowice. There were up to 15 others in proximity. For 45 minutes, only 2 of those players loaded in while the rest were still 0.0m. So i'm just driving around the garage trying not to get AFK Kicked and my game decides to let me drive a bit, goes "guh", drive, "guh", ect for the entire duration. Besides upgrading to a something that can play the game without any problem, does anyone have any suggestions?

  12. I love my ETS money and xp hack. I'm about level 500k with about 300 billion from playing 2 hours on SP. So ready for the CD Idiots and trolls to try and deplete it.

    1. IpilkAlaus


      Be careful what you wish for.

    2. JxGamer
    3. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      Sorry, but i'm not going to waste another 2 years getting to a million.

  13. I love it when they give us treats about a new expansion. I can't read the local language there but i'm sure i'll get lost without a GPS.
  14. 5 of 48 states to complete the map ^^. I have a feeling the next 2 will be Washington and Idaho. My guess is that SCS is completing the West first and then expanding East.
  15. Majority of the cities in the game have a garage in them. Except a couple in the Scandinavia DLC. Even more are coming with Baltic If you can find a great money mod for SP, you can get them for dirt cheap (upgrades too).
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