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  1. When did the server start kicking potato computers? Yesterday, i tried playing ATS and ETS 2. ATS had more of an issue where the assets were loading in (seems like through dial-up), potatoed in place and kicked for "unstable connection". Then ATS crashed. With ETS 2, the assets were loading in, slight potato, kicked for the same reason, but the game didn't crash.

  2. 12 hours ago, i was able to play ATS just fine. And now, i got maximum potato going on? It took roughly an hour to go from Roswell to Artesia.

  3. Aquatic Sparrow


    Hello. Today is my second session of attempting to play online for this game. I don't know what's going on. ATS has no problems, but ETS 2 does have one. Upon logging in the my first session, i was there for 45 minutes, just driving around the NCZ in Katowice (which had less close players). I then went into this second session to play and waited 30 minutes before calling it quits in Luxembourg. I checked the console log and there's minor errors about missing "sha_x_ori" with the caravan and a couple of non physical cog's here and there.
  4. Wow. I had the worst potato lag today. Got on about 12 hours ago on EU 2 when there's about 4,100 on. I spawned at my garage in Katowice. There were up to 15 others in proximity. For 45 minutes, only 2 of those players loaded in while the rest were still 0.0m. So i'm just driving around the garage trying not to get AFK Kicked and my game decides to let me drive a bit, goes "guh", drive, "guh", ect for the entire duration. Besides upgrading to a something that can play the game without any problem, does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. I love my ETS money and xp hack. I'm about level 500k with about 300 billion from playing 2 hours on SP. So ready for the CD Idiots and trolls to try and deplete it.

    1. IpilkAlaus


      Be careful what you wish for.

    2. JxGamer
    3. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      Sorry, but i'm not going to waste another 2 years getting to a million.

  6. I love it when they give us treats about a new expansion. I can't read the local language there but i'm sure i'll get lost without a GPS.
  7. Hey everybody. It's good to be back. Had a computer crash and lost everything. RIP. Got some questions:

    1. Is the CD Rd still the "Warzone" hotspot or has it moved somewhere else?
    2. Since i'm starting a new "Idiots On The Road" series, what should i call it?
    3. Besides rule edits and upcoming content from SCS, is anything new with TMP since March of this year?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      Not really sure. "Idiots Now" is what i made in the new profile. Something compelling. Something that isn't "Idiots On The Road". And i rather not use "Fails Simulator" again.

    3. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      • The first thing i did was read the rules :D
      • I've never been able to attend any of their events.
      • Not going to downgrade. I can wait like everyone else.

      I just hope my potato doesn't end up getting me banned.

  8. Happy Birthday :D Hope you have a great day!

  9. Poll time! Excluding the expansions, what is your favorite DLC? [Mods Excluded]


    For me, i would say it's the interior accessories as it lets me have some kind of look on the inside.

    1. krypto_one
    2. Cbrady40 [G29]

      Cbrady40 [G29]

      Heavy Haul because of the new trailers and cargoes and challenges of having something that heavy.

  10. Anyone want to do a convoy on ATS [US 1] in about 4 hours hours starting from LA - Sell Goods?

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    2. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      I've tried that in the past. No one wanted to do one for Oct 2016.

    3. Mirko9


      Organise like 1 day before you want..

    4. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      I try to give as much notice as possible. Usually 6 days. Perhaps it's me considering all the details that makes no one want to come

  11. Stop overtaking on the Calsis-Duisburg Road. We need those scrolling Ad's back. For those of you who played 2015 and eariler, you know what i'm talking about. For those who don't, there was these chat messages that said [AD]. One message advertised the ETS2C link for Convoy's. And others said other stuff.


    However, i think we need those AD's back, but instead they scroll the IMPORTANT RULES.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. FozzyGuy


      It's because the jams at euro port never lasted long

      Also the C-D road is much longer so it's more fun and harder to get done for useless traffic

    3. _ThEAssasiN_


      yes i agree with you fozzyguy

    4. Aquatic Sparrow

      Aquatic Sparrow

      It might be because there is a gas station on either end along with a railroad crossing and 2 highway exits along the way. SCS needs to revamp it. Perhaps make it a 2 lane highway with a median in the middle.

  12. I've managed to glitch my game TWICE today. The first time was when i pushed space + y (parking brake and chat) and that locked me in place. The second was just a bit ago where i thought i was PM'ing the idiot who kept telling me to go (even though they were the vehicle in front) and that brought the map up while i was chatting. I couldn't get out of it and saw the character limit

    1. krypto_one


      Alt+Tab out and go back into the game again.

  13. Question for those who hardly have any DLC's (aside from expansions). Do you lag because your missing a DLC whenever 4 or more players have just come into driving proximity?

    1. FirestarteR93


      I used to until their trucks loaded (I think it happens while MP is replacing the DLCs files)

    2. Aquatic Sparrow
  14. It's crashed for me about 3 times today. It's probably based on a per player basis. After the cap was raised, the player count got up to about 3350 before everyone was frozen in place. Then there was a russian blocking the calsis-duisburg road ramp and everyone was frozen. And after i left Calsis, That's when my connection broke
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