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  1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 MULTIPLAYER ( Not ATS) American Truck Simulator

  2. I drove all night

    1. RubberDuck (R.D)

      RubberDuck (R.D)

      Haha Tnx Kravaty i really needed that link,


  3. Miss my 80/86x with SBBS and my 1200 baud Dali up connection ( back in 1988)

    1. RubberDuck (R.D)

      RubberDuck (R.D)

      Bulletin bord system, that was 5-6 years before the internet.

  4. Wery good work mwl4. Keep it up, You are doing a awesome job, Alot of hard work and dedication , I Admire that.
  5. I miss my 8 bit NES and Duck hunt

    1. stilldre1976


      I had the old snes out yesterday mario kart and sf turbo YOO lol

    2. Creatured


      did you sell it if you did get a new one NOW!

    3. RubberDuck (R.D)

      RubberDuck (R.D)

      Nes rock,s , still have it actually, But somthing is broken and i havent fixed it lol

  6. I use WinterMod all the time, and I think it,s awesome. And I never had game crash with it enabled
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