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  1. I tried right-click on the ETS2MP icon, Run As Administrator, and this time it brought up the multiplayer game option. Quit and ran it again, and it worked again. That's new behavior.. I didn't see that in the pre- patches or the first time I ran I guess this is solved. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, just now I tried the DirectX option on startup. It resulted in the same behavior: single-player mode with no option to connect to a multiplayer server.
  3. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Mouse only Description of Issue: Multiplayer client keeps launching a single-player game. This problem started with the patch this weekend. Computer: Win 7 x64 / Core i7 860 / NVIDIA GT 630 To reproduce: 1. I click on Play ETS2 Multiplayer shortcut, as always. 2. The dialog to choose Play ETS2MP, Launch with DirectX, Launch with OpenGL. I choose Play ETS2MP (same as I always do) and Play. 3. Game splash screen appears. 4. Game goes right into the Launchpad. <--- CLIENT IS SUPPOSED TO OFFER A CHOICE OF MULTIPLAYER SERVERS HERE. THIS DOES NOT APPEAR. 5. I click Continue Game. 6. Another splash screen showing game loading. 7. I appear in the main game menu. I click Drive. I am in single player mode! <-- CLIENT IS SUPPOSED TO SAY IT CONNECTED TO THE MULTIPLAYER SERVER. NONE OF THESE STATUS MESSAGES APPEAR. I see no players around, and pressing Y or Tab to show chat or a player list does nothing. The Multiplayer client keeps launching a single-player game with no option to connect to the server. Also as a note, the first time I installed the patch, the multiplayer connection worked normally, but subsequent attempts to start ETS2MP will not offer a server connection.
  4. I'm wondering what the best solution is if I want to establish a temporary private Teamspeak channel. Does the ts3.ts3free.pl server have such a feature, or is there a server that offers this (and if so, where?)
  5. After driving all over Europe with no problems, I am having severe problems with the game crashing in Rotterdam where there are a lot of people. I can't move for more than 30-60 seconds before the game crashes, and I seem to be getting stuck there. Has anyone found a technique or setting that causes the game to crash less often?
  6. I figured out a fix for this. Alt+Tab out of the game, and then Alt+Tab back into it seems to reset the mouse mode.
  7. This is probably more of an ETS2 issue, but I have it set up to where moving the mouse steers the truck, and holding right click + mouse move moves the camera view around to look for traffic. Sometimes the mouse mode will get screwed up for no apparent reason to where moving the mouse moves the camera view around, and right click + mouse just makes a cursor arrow appear. This has caused me to lose control of the truck several times and crash. Does anyone know what is causing the mouse to kick over to this weird mode like that?
  8. How do you see your avatar and name block that appears in game in ETS2MP? The chase camera doesn't display it and I have no way to verify how it looks or even if the displayed username is right. Furthermore, is the avatar pulled from the Steam profile picture or from the ETS2 avatar?
  9. Mod Version: Version 0.1.3 Controllers Used: Mouse Description of Issue: It is raining almost all the time, including when the skies show sunshine and no clouds. How to reproduce: Drive in the game and take note of the frequency of rain. Screenshots / Videos: None. I don't know if weather is passed back and forth between server and client or is strictly client-side, but it is nearly always raining while I play ETS2MP/EU1. In Options > Gameplay > Rain Probability I have the slider moved all the way to the left. I have tried both left and right positions and it has no effect. Is this an ETS2MP server problem or something with my configuration?
  10. The 0.1.3 version is having problems, and I had this type of crash too when I was just starting out. This will help you: make a manual save of the game during your first job, and save over this file just before you press T to drop the trailer off. If you do this, it still crashes after you press T and continue, but when you restart the game it appears to immediately see that you made the delivery, or it will at least put you back in the trailer dropoff situation so you can try again. I did notice inconsistencies in the player profile in the number of deliveries it thought I made, but ignore that, your money should be in the bank and you should have your XP. Buying your own truck as soon as you can (with a bank loan or whatever) seems to make the problem go away. I was able to buy a truck after several jobs, and I haven't seen a delivery-related crash since then.
  11. Two things that will help: save the game frequently when in the cities, and try to do most of your work outside the cities (like choose rural jobs with TREE-ET and quarries). I've had almost no crashes out on the highways and roads, but dozens and dozens in the cities.
  12. Thanks for posting these. I had been thinking about searching Yahoo for some guidance, but it looks like you did the work. Lately I've been backing up with the "2" view, which also has the helpful steering wheel indicator (I still have a hard time telling when it's centered). Maybe I'll start trying to use the mirrors now. Now we just need a tutorial series for a busy delivery space in Amsterdam with 8 trucks simultaneously trying to back into it.
  13. I am constantly crashing in all of the major cities, Mannheim and Amsterdam today.... I am usually good for 30 seconds to 2 minutes until the game crashes. If I'm out in the rural areas or on at 0000-1200 UTC I'm okay, so I'm wondering if ETS2MP is simply not able to handle latency or bandwidth issues. For now my modus operandi is to load up and get the hell out of the cities.
  14. I'm a new user (just joined ETS2MP yesterday), and I found the constant crashing extremely baffling. In fact for a little while I thought I had been banned or something. It's even more confusing for new users because many of us forget to save a game, so when the crash happens we lose everything: the job, the progress, and so on. What solved the crash problem for me is: 1. During your first job, Esc, go to Save Game, and hard-save (manual save) the game. Do this once more just before delivering the trailer, overwriting (updating) the same file. 2. Once you hit T to park the trailer and Continue, the game will crash. 3. Restart and load the manual save. Every once in awhile it won't work and you'll have to continue from the save point, but most of the time it immediately credit you for the delivery and let you start new. 4. Now we may see the economy problem: you may now find there are no quick jobs available. You will need close the game, go into Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\Profiles\[your_profile\config.cfg and change g_force_economy_reset "0" to "1" temporarily, and restart, and play normally. 5. Once you have the money to get a truck or qualify for a loan, buy a truck. These problems will then go away. Quit the game, set the economy setting back to "0" if it was changed, and restart. Regarding the economy, this thread suggests you can just park and sleep to fix the economy problem instead of editing game files, but I haven't tried it.
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