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  1. Guys, could you give me your opinion on this -potential- report evidence, please?



    I want to report this guy but I am concerned he might be "protected" by the argument of desync. In a way, I do think it could be plausible to a certain degree, but if there indeed was a desync issue, how come his truck was moving so smoothly on my screen (as well as all others in town)? And even if there was desync, I find it very hard to believe that it was so bad on his end that my truck wasn't even showing on his screen.


    As you can see, the guy simply shoved me away! And he did honk at me before I reached the exit so he knew I was there.


    Anyway, what do you folks think? Worth a report?

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      That's exactly my point and why I didn't go straight into filing a report. It's too strange, though, so I wanted other opinions besides my own.

    3. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      also nice forum profile id


    4. MrHarv98


      You want my opinion then its called a NCZ hack or ramming, And yes make a report

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