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  1. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Spring giveaway

    Hello there, I would like to participate as well :-) Imgur - https://i.imgur.com/1lqMtlD.jpg 16K upscaled picture (60MB, much better quality) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cr0MybXk8BIQVECGXcMwmX0NlV0cwTKC Location : somewhere in the Baltic Sea DLC Server : #EU2
  2. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    3D Printed Switch Panel

    wow, what a great idea, gonna build my own panel soon man but i have to create a new design, because i want it mounted on my table
  3. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Do you slow down, when you are overtaken?

    Nah, i usually don't slow down, however when it's required I move to the roadside, or off-road, so he doesn't crash into someone, and than report that player for dangerous driving... some examples :
  4. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Nefungujicí MP

    Čau, nastav si to takto:
  5. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Missing File Privileges

    Hello, this guide is very good, make sure to try it - btw. also make sure to run steam as admin... https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1458455461474727488/?ctp=6 Solution #2 : steam settings -> downloads -> button steam library folders -> rightclick the path -> repair Solution #3 : steam folder -> steamapps -> downloading -> delete everything inside this folder Solution #4 : reinstall steam completely
  6. [LKW Tr.] Alis*


    Hello, just click on this button to scroll through job list, as stated above caravans are displayed even if you don't have / currently don't use car.
  7. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Why are the only few users playing ATSMP?

    Basically same as ETS, just different map & trucks. Many people own both games, but play only ETS, because there are just much more people online. I also bought ATS few years ago and played only 1 hour so far xDD... I don't find it funny to play with 300 people on whole server so I prefer ETS. It would be funny tho if stuff decided to shut down ETS servers for like a week, I think that ATS servers would be full of life during that period of time xD
  8. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    DLC's, Maps + more

    Hey man, you do NOT need any map DLC's to play ETS 2. If you just want to know which map expansions are best for me it's : Beyond the Baltic sea //HCT Trailers, beautiful views, great mix of county roads & highways. SCS has definitely put a lot of work into this DLC Scandinavia //Double trailers, amazing views, mostly country roads, so if you don't like driving on highway for long distances like me you will love this DLC Italy // didn't spend much time here since I bought it, so I cannot tell u much France // too much highways for me, there are also some very beautiful roads & views, maybe could be above Italy... Going East // first map expansion, definitely not bad, but could be better... SCS software has definitely put a lot of work into every DLC, they are all kinda special in their own way, some just ended up with more content, such as HCT trailers in Baltic sea DLC..
  9. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Nickname changed by staff

    Unfortunately staff doesn't offer name changes when asked, they are only willing to reset your name to default form "USER_XXXXXXX", like they offered to me, when in past I changed my nick, and it was displaying ??IS instead of Alis... . So I think you have to wait until 12th of February...
  10. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    What's your dream car?

    Audi R8 V10
  11. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    No Jobs, not getting tired

    Hi, please read this article https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/23 P.S. Please keep in mind that in the latest update you will find this line "g_force_economy_reset" in new path - My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\config_local.cfg
  12. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Ways you have improved FPS

    There isn't really any software that would increase your FPS for example by 10 FPS... Other than closing unwanted programs there isn't much more you can do, and even this will do pretty much nothing, it just clears some RAM and saves a bit of CPU usage... The best way is to buy better hardware as stated above. If you are using google chrome or any other browser, close them, you will save some RAM and bit of CPU usage... So in total you can get maybe 1-2 maybe even 3 FPS based on which programs are currently running in background. And of course set your graphics setting to the lowest possible and try to avoid busy areas...
  13. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Can you suggest me some decent VPN desktop programs

    Hello, I use FinchVPN, it's really cheap and the best plan costs only 1 € per week, so it's really inexpensive. You can also use free plan (monthly quota of 5GB I think). ibVPN is also good provider, but I like Finch more, because of price...
  14. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    Multiple rookie queries

    -Special transport DLC isn't and will probably never be supported, because of over-sized dimensions of trailers which would cause chaos on roads, they are meant to be used with escort vehicles and so on... -Answer already given (ETS2SYNC), also if you all have same perks unlocked, you will have higher probability to get same jobs. -Currently heaviest cargo you can get in-game is from Heavy Cargo DLC "Concrete Beams 51tons". However there are two more trailers from this DLC, but server will kick you if you try to use them "Locomotive 61t or Dozer Crawl 39 t" devs are working on fixing this bug. You can use 3rd party programs to edit cargo weight like this Click -Yeah all trucks and cars are now limited to 150 km/h. In past there wasn't this limit and you could get up to 175 km/h with good gearbox and engine and 230+ with car...
  15. [LKW Tr.] Alis*

    help me

    Hello, please read this topic If you were banned in past 12 months, you cannot apply for GM position. You must have no ban on your record in past 12 months...