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  1. You can always upload to Google Drive and share a direct link to whoever you want, Right-click your file, Click SHARE then press "advanced" in the bottom right corner and change it to "anyone who has the link can view" then copy that link and shabam its there aslong as you dont delete it.
  2. WDiaz_

    Road to Simulation

    I think this is a great update, keep up the good work TMP! We can finally ween out the trolls and people who want to jack around to their own little oasis where they can jack around.
  3. Even though everyone kept complaining while waiting (including myself) Kudos for getting the update out as quickly as you could, I will now be skipping life for the next 12-14 business days while I listen to UK Doug drive me through Germany into Sardinia!
  4. Awesome thanks for the help, I will definitely check all these out! You can close the topic now Have a good day!
  5. Just curious are there any lighting mods / visual enhancement mods for ETS2 that work with MP?
  6. Suggestion Name: Extend No Collision Areas on servers Suggestion Description: It would be nice if there was more room on the main road in a no collision area, not too much but enough where if I am pulling in and another player is halfway in the entrance selecting a load or where to drop off so people don't take damage when pulling in and out of parking lots -- essentially just adding a bit more room for people to pull into the zone and not end up in an accident causing someone's cargo to go from 0 damage to 5 or even 10. Any example images: (very... interesting image but I think it kinda shows what I am thinking about) Why should it be added?: It should be added just give players more wiggle room when entering/leaving different service stations/cargo pickup/drop off so people are not hitting each other causing even more traffic jams in major cities like Berlin, Calis, etc
  7. +1 to the idea! I think it would make the game feel even better with having yet another realistic aspect put into it! It could be ran as an addon to the current pant menu, for instance on my client I can select xyz areas to "type" lets say my DOT number and my company name, which would be streamed or saved to like a TMP server or whatnot -- which would be streamed the same way the current liveries are, its just added on if that makes sense -- current game liveries (like the SCS ones) -- Add Text manager/text system which runs the same way the SCS liveries are streamed (im guessing they are streamed from the tmp servers to our clients, im no dev but just a guess)
  8. @Grundii That seems to have fixed it, Thanks!
  9. Me and my buddy were trucking this afternoon and the server kicked us saying something like you were disconnected, you'll be automatically reconnected in a few minutes, 10-15 mins go by and were like okay let's try to relog. Once we get back in, this is all we (both) see All we did was relog into the server... And we would rathre not drive in the snow, so I dont really know like what to do...
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