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  1. I was playing today on the US 2 server and I can not exceed 110 km / h with my truck, and I can not disable the speed limiter in the game options, whenever I deactivate it it will activate by itself. Before the speed limit was 150 km / h now I can not exceed 110 km / h, does anyone know why?
  2. After getting a load of the event do the other players get to see the charge that I'm carrying? because until now I have not seen anyone with any load of the event in multiplayer I only see mine.
  3. Pois é, nao estava por isso que nao tava contabilizando, agora ja deu certo vlw
  4. Como eu faço para sincronizar meu progresso do jogo no site do WOT ?? Minhas viagens não contabilizam no site mesmo eu estando com meu perfil conectado no WOT, por causa disso não consigo participar do evento que esta tendo agora,o nome do meu perfil no jogo é um mas no site aparece outro..
  5. I can not apply this in multiplayer, save game error
  6. I see several players with trailers of a single color (Trailer colored) wanted to know how do I color the trailers so, what mod to color the trailers?
  7. How do I leave the car in the automatic? in the configurations of the game this simple automatic, on the trucker I do not have to press any key to get out of gear but in the car I have to keep tightening all the time to change gears and sometimes it does not work, how do I leave the car in the automatic like the truck ?
  8. mYT.JhoN

    Winter MOD

    About the winter mod, can I activate it when I want to or does it have a specific period to start snowing and the tracks get full of snow?
  9. mYT.JhoN

    truck load

    Yes thanks everyone
  10. mYT.JhoN

    truck load

    I always see some players loading trucks in their trailers, but I never found a load that was of truck, that is, truck with load of trucks, I wanted to know how I can get this kind of load, is it a dlc or something ?
  11. mYT.JhoN


    How do I get the same job as my friend? Updates before I could get the same job. Now it does not appear the same work of my friend to me.
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