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  1. Additional Customisation is making a return. New mod, new way of it working; take a look:


    Where the old version needed over 40 Thousand files to do what it did, this version can do all of that and more - with only 3568 files including DLC compatibility! This is still being worked on and there is no set release date. It will be released as is, and use of it will be at your own risk - you will need to make sure you comply with the rules yourself.


    Please leave your thoughts below, any improvement suggestions or similar will be appreciated

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    2. XxXhmβoyHuNXxX


      how to make a double trailer with tedit?

    3. QkPatrykosQk


      Now be patient!!! But I'm not patient 😤

    4. QkPatrykosQk



      1. When in previous versions was changble truck sound including engine, horn, etc. now you will can change only horn sound

      2. Changble ONLY truck cabin to make for example mercedes actros with stock lights and other but with renault magnum cabin

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