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  1. WiLLER

    No doubles area?

    and what happens when someone drives with double trailers in this area ? kick ? ban ? . i see many players in duisburg with it....
  2. WiLLER

    No doubles area?

    why it isnt allowed on eu 1 ? there are much less player and trolls...
  3. on all servers or only on eu2 ? eu1 has much less traffic so double shouldnt be a problem there
  4. WiLLER

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Daf taillights on Scania S... allowed ?
  5. is it allowed to put taillights from daf on a scania ? im not sure
  6. are daf taillights allowed on other trucks ?


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    2. WiLLER


      this pic is my scania S with the daf tuning taillights .. i dont know if this is allowed ingame

    3. The_FalcoN


      Nothing wrong here , i think its allowed . if you have confusion then post here 


    4. WiLLER


      thank you. i was not sure about it. 


  7. WiLLER

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    i have that reset problem too.... i testet 1 , 5 and 10 tons log: 00:02:24.688 : Economy reset - invalid trailer detected
  8. is this allowed in mp ? the overhang ?54E4315A28D506596B50E17586C3CBE324AD632B

  9. is this allowed in mp ? 60AC61F0561BD49E743399D14BEF2DFE63682B07

    1. Spieker


      The cows as well as the trailer are part of the base-game [or DLC to be precise] so yes, this is allowed.

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  10. WiLLER

    Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    thank you very much for these mods! are these double light trailers actual allowed in mp ?