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  1. Hey guys, thanks again for your replies I will resinstall windows, but first I'll do a entire scan with my antivirus (I'm using Kaspersky) I will keep you informed
  2. Hello guys, thanks for your replies Million88, I've tried to launch the game with OpenGL and run the TruckerMP launcher as administrator, seems like to be ok, but I'm losing so much FPS (180 FPS droping to 90 fps with nobody on my area) and when i'm coming in Calais I have 10 FPS instead of 35 FPS Already checked the game files, nothing wrong Blehmaster, I'm always using Chrome, Discord, and a lot of apps running in back but it never impacted my gameplay like it do right now Uninstalling the game didn't change anything I don't like mods and save edit so I don't have those Leon Baker, I would like to say only in MP because i never play on SP. Never saw this on an other game or app, just Chrome, when i'm changing tab it's like doing the same mini freeze
  3. Hello, i'm having some trouble with my game since few days Problem: I'm driving on the map like a normal player, and the game is like doing an automatic ATL + TAB (But I'm NOT doing this), and the game is still running in the background so if there is a curve, i'm crashing into the invisible wall or a player + When I'm doing the ATL + TAB key (by myself), my whole computer is freezing for like 1 second If anyone have a solution, it could be helpfull :)) I've already checked my game files, nothing wrong there Hardrives are not full Game is on the SSD Thanks, Lama
  4. Hey hey, welcome back 🙂

  5. Congrats ! ?

    1. .Lama


      Wait, my bad wrong person ahah

    2. /Gunner
  6. Congrats ! ✌

  7. Congrats ! ✌

  8. Congrats ! ✌️

    1. Gummy.


      Thank you! 

  9. Take care and focus on life, see ya mate ✌️

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