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  1. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Picture of the Month: May

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  2. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Picture of the Month: April

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  3. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Caravan Behind Truck and Trailer, Is This Allowed?

    Hi guys, Last, I tried save editing a caravan to a normal truck and trailer. Just to see if it would work, and it does :p works like a charm. One question tho, I checked the rules to make sure I was not doing anything against the rules, but did not found any rule which specificly says you can't add a caravan behind a normal truck and trailer. I actually never seen this combination in mp before, and I don't get autokicked as soon as I log in to the server, so that's why I was in doubt. Here are a few pictures for reference. (It's shot on a triple screen, hence the high resolution) Edit: I do know since this is classed as a double, this trailer is not allowed in the restriction zone) Kind regards Kevin BE
  4. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Restriction zone doubles and triples

    Hello, I got confirmation on my question, but what I want to ask is to change something to make it more abvious it's not allowed to drive doubles or triples on CD, because with the problem of the autokick only kicking in after gasstation, it's confusing some of the players weither or not it's allowed. I think it's better to send a ticket or something explaining this problem, because I don't think this is the right section in the forum to ask. Thanks anyways for the anwsers. Topic can be closed (and moved to trash). Kind Regards Kevin BE
  5. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Plz don't mind my English I really do support the OP! As I am one of those ppl who like to play as realistic as possible but also like to drive with lots of other people. Currently there is no server that meets my personal needs, as EU2 is full of kids and trolls speeding at 150 not paying any attention to other traffic, nor using common sence. Where as EU1 is most of the time spread out to much or empty. (At least for me it is) Having only 2 servers will split things up nicely. You want to play simulation, with cars, with 90 speed limit? EU1 You want to Forza or F1 your way around the map? EU2 As you also stated, with the 90 speed limit on EU1, most F1 pilots and trolls will move too EU2 or completly stop playing as there is no fun in trolling in a NCZ map. And having more game mods on EU1 I think will result in a loss of trolls and people just not caring. Which is a good thing offcourse. There is one thing I would love to change about your OP: speedlimit for cars in EU1: 120 (if possible only for highways. Country roads limit to 90) Kind regards Kevin BE
  6. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Restriction zone doubles and triples

    Hello guys, So it happens often I see someone driving a double or a triple on CD road, or telling others it's allowed till the first gasstation? (Starting from Calais) because only after gasstation you'll get kicked from auto kick. On the restriction map, the whole road is red so technicly not allowed to drive there. So it's really confusing, personaly I've seen an admin say they'll be punisching ppl with doubles and triples on cd road hard, so like a few others i'm confused about this. Could you guys plz sort this out somehow or another by updating rules and specificly mention this? Another way is to fix the auto kick zone so you'll get kicked as soon as you enter the road. I know there is the problem of the auto kick not always working when player enters with save edit trailers, but that has nothing to do with this as I'm talking about the confusion it gives when the autokick let's you drive till the first gasstation, while the map says otherwise. I tried uploading the image to an image host, but due to limitations on my internet, it's not excactly working right now.. So instead, here the link to the topic in this forum regarding the restricion zone and the image. Rule 5.2 says: §5.2 - Server Auto Kicks Double Trailers (ETS2) - Doubles are not allowed in Belgium, The Netherlands and the west side of Germany. For a map visualization click here. (the link in the rule brings you to the same topic I mentioned above) Hope I explaint myself well enough. Kind regards Kevin BE
  7. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Add Nationality to Tab List

    Hi guys I searched the forum on a suggestion similar to mine, could not find any, so here it is.. Suggestion Name: Add Nationality to Tab List Suggestion Description: I would love to see a dedicated place in the tab player list where players can fill in the initails from the country they live in. For example: BE, NL, TR, JPN,... another way to do this is with the flag, but I guess that would be to small to actually see in tab list. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think it would be great for comunicating and bringing the comunity even closer to eachother. Edit: You may be wondering: "But why? We can already do that with the player tag!" Totaly correct, but some people use that tag to represent a company or slogan, with limited characters to input, a nationality does not always fit in the name or tag. That's why it would be great to seperate that in the tab and make an extra columb in tab menu for only nationalities. Hope I explained myself good enough. Kind regards
  8. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Ets2 Special Transport Suggestion

    Suggestion name: Make a dedicated team of good behaving drivers to run Special Transports in MP. Suggestion Description: I know supporting the DLC in MP is a pain in the behinds and will cause havoc everywhere, that's why you can make a dedicated team through several selections players can apply for. Several tests will make sure you are the right person to handle the massive trailers and the pilot cars. If they get through the selection they can drive special transport or assist as pilots ingame. (Kinda like getting a drivers licence or apply for staff in TMP) This will make sure the truck and trailer don't fall into the wrong hands. I know it will take time and people to handle the applies. And it will take time and extra modeling of the trailers to run without causing crashes for others who dont have the dlc. ... (I can work this suggestion out even further, but i'll wait and see what the community thinks first) Any example images: / Why should it be added?: Alot of the people from TMP community are dying to see ST implanted into mp. And it gives that extra bit of simulation for the people in the convoy as for other traffic on the road. Edit: I don't know, but it might be unfair to other players who also have the dlc and are not in the team? Edit: make the team not more then 20 players to begin with. Regards
  9. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Assign 2 Buttons For CB Volume

    Suggestion Name: Assign 2 Buttons For CB Volume Suggestion Description: Assign 2 Buttons For CB Volume Any example images: / Why should it be added?: When for example in busy areas, where there is alot of chit-chat going on, I often find myself constantly changing my volume because someone has their mic almost unhearable while others sound like someone is dropping an atomic bomb on their neighbourhood.. as this is my main volume, it affects the main ingame sound, and I like hearing the surroundings.. I know, I could shut down the cb in busy areas or just set the volume down, but that does not solve anything, as I use the cb myself in some cases and it would be easier if i can just reach to a button instead of changing the volume in the MP menu which can cause a loss of control while driving. R_D Out
  10. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    ATS Special Transport DLC

    Suggestion Name: allow Special Transport in ATS Suggestion Description: I know there already is a suggestion about this posted before this, but this is a little different. Main idea stays the same, implenting the Special Transport DLC into ATSMP. But here it get's different. Since the amount of players on the ATS server is not that much, I think it could be possible to add the DLC to the game. With a smaller player base, i guess it wouldn't be a problem to fully add it, even with the full collisions on the trailer. As for the ai pilot vehicles, theTMP team has been busy testing the new game mode with synced ai --> I'm not saying they will add synced ai anytime soon, i just know they were testing it a while back, so only adding the 2 pilot/police escorts shouldn't be a problem. If you have a friend that wants to be escorting you in a pilot car, you can for example turn the ai pilots off in a setting in the TMP menu. Also adding a new rule: If a player tries to leave without an escort, they could be reported and kicked. As for the people who dont have the dlc, they should add trailers and hitboxes simelar to the real jobs, like the ones in the heavy cargo (I know it's probably alot of work to do to make different sized boxes and different sized trailers). And ofcourse there will be the discussion about it being possibly supported in ATS, while not being supported in ETS2. But they are still 2 different games, and IMO they should be treated as 2 different games also. Edit: open a test period (2 weeks) on one of the ATS servers and see if the DLC would fit in the game without much problems. Edit2: To protect the ai escorts or the trailer from being rammed by trollers, make a 'safe box' around the ai, truck and trailer that auto kicks the player when getting to close. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: smaller player base; to do special transports in convoys with real players as pilot cars or just the 2 ai pilot vehicles;... Kind regards K. BE
  11. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    FOV with Triple monitor setup

    Oooh oke, now I see what's going on! I was a little confused, so thanks for the clarification! Sliding the FOV bar from 77 to 45-50ish did the job! Cheerz mate
  12. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    FOV with Triple monitor setup

    Hello I'm having issues with the field of view in MP with 3 monitors. Searched the forum for anwsers, what i found so far is not helping me clearly enough.. Is there a way to change the field of view in MP? I have a mod that works just fine for me in SP, but i tried save-editing it in MP, did not work.. Thanks K.
  13. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    V-button in chat

    Game: ETS2 MP Mod Version: Controllers Used: G27/SKRS Description of Issue: when you minimaze the game (by pressing the home button or other) and get back in game, open chat, and type 'v', the last text I copy-pasted, (CTRL-C and CTRL-V) appears in chat. I've seen someone mentioned it before, but never found an anwser to it. How to reproduce:/ Screenshots / Videos:/
  14. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Random Road Event

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP Mod Version: Controllers Used: G27/SKRS Description of Issue: I merged on the shoulder cause someone was overtaking me a little to close for comfort, as i merged, i scraped something invisible on the shoulder. Possible Random Road Event? Went to investigate in the video and pictures below. How to reproduce: get rid of it? Screenshots / Videos: Edit: I don't know if this is the only place in the map where this happens.
  15. R_D [G27+SKRS] [90km/h] [BE]

    Truck 'freezes'

    Thanks and it's not a problem with connections or other players.. Yes, everything else works fine, even the fysics work when I try to move back or forwards.(you see the cab movin when u hit the trottle) It is the truck that won't move at all. Like it is still on parking brake or something. (But no brakes are on)