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  1. so i have been pretty busy in life and haven't had much time to get on truckersMP, now i heard that the road to the port was bad now the C&D centers and road are especially bad. do have a mod that watches over those locations and kick and ban those who are rule breaking, why is a truck trying to hang a uturn on to the grass and people with there hands on there horns all the time. people take a hint when the mods put "AVOID DURISBURG or CALAIS, VERY HEAVY CONGESTION!, PLEASE AVOID THE AREA. can i suggest returning to singleplay drop your load pick up another in the same location LEAVE the area, park up off the road and reconnect to MP. or even one better go to a neighboring town for repairs BEFORE coming into C&D this is why i try to avoid connecting at around midnight as im in australia. but hey i like the updates you guys are constantly putting out Harley
  2. HarleyArmitstead

    can we do somthing for the manchester community?

    I appreciate all the reply's everyone. i didnt realize this was going to get such feedback. thnaks everyone Harley
  3. Hello community, firstly my thoughts are going out to those who have been caught in the Manchester terrorist attack last night. i was made aware of it at 10:30aest this morning as im in australia next is that im pretty sure 3,500 trucks wouldn't fit into the Manchester town center, is there any planned convoys as a sign of respect planned at all? i would love to join. #westandwithmanchester (admins if this is worthless post please trash). Harley
  4. thoughts and pray's are going out to Manchester this evening to those who have been effected by this atrocity #prayformanchester

  5. Hello wonderfull truckers! some of you may know me as i used to hang out in the English channel with a ton of others. I haven't been on lately (more like 6 months) due to family issue/problems, now that has now sorted its self out and my work has kept me very busy as well. thought I just pass by the forums and say hello and sometime this week ill jump back onto ets2mp catch yall soon Harlz