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  1. Happy birthday and may health and happiness continue to accompany you. Salute to you.

  2. Was support added for the Swiss and Austrian DLC?
  3. it means there in-game ID number incase you need to report or want to private message them e.g - /pm 293 <words>
  4. Saw this truck infront of me in Jazzycats trailers its from my town and i didn't think it was real at 1st until i googled it, and its only 5 minutes away from my house
  5. Hopefully the NCZ area's will be completed soon, alot of accidents including ferry ports with slower computers, by the time they've loaded in other people have used the port causing both trucks to spawn inside each other and cause heavy damage or send them flying, plus many of the companies i've delivered to so far have had very small compact entrance's and parking bays which will cause problems with multiple trucks entering and the workshops you can't fix/edit your truck if somebody is already over the icon :/
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