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  1. Quote

    Hello there


    At this moment we can't confirm if winter mod will be available this year due to the increasing complexity this brings with a growing community (mostly related to distribution of a mod with an average size of 800MB on top of the standard multiplayer download to over 2 milion users).






    More information about the snow mod:


  2. There's no requirement or limit of players to have an administrative member of staff attend and overwatch your event/convoy.


    Your best option is to generally ask if they would be available to help out ahead of the event (preferably days before)


    Hope this helps,


  3. Please bare in mind that Linux, macOS and similar operating systems are not directly supported by TruckersMP therefore although you may be able to get it to function eventually it may not be fully compatible as TruckersMP is built solely for Windows platforms.


    Support for other systems is generally unheard of but I do hope you resolve your issue or if you have a windows system you could attempt to stream the game to an alternative system therefore you can play on out platform.


    For more information please see the 'Install Requirements' on the download page. (https://truckersmp.com/download)

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  4. @CargoBulls The event will be hosted on an event server which generally opens approx. 15-30mins before an event starts. A slot is not necessary this is only for VTC's who wish to attend. Public members can still join even in their VTC's it's just they won't have their own parking spot.


    Information on location can be found in the thread on Page 1.


    (-> Start Location: Mannheim, Car Park)

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  5. They're allowed provided you have legitimate reason to be there. 


    Simply driving back and forth on C-D road without any reason is considered 'Useless Traffic'.


    §2.6 - Useless Traffic / Inappropriate parking*

    Repeatedly driving to and from an area of high population with no aim other than to cause more traffic. Parking or stopping in areas of high population for no reason. This applies to areas with 25+ users. Using the designated car parks is fine when there is low traffic in the area.

  6. Hi, @{IR.G}Mohammad.afz


    Game Moderator Applications have only just recently been closed (30/09/18) therefore they won't be open for a while unless alternative circumstances occur.


    As per history of Game Moderator applications they are opened in 4-month intervals. (more info here). Judging by previous recruitment periods the Game Moderator applications should re-open in February 2019. However, this could be subject to change at any time.


    Hope this was of help to you,


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  7. @LegendArrow3


    If you're using a NVIDIA GPU then your best option is to download/run GeForce Experience.




    From there you'll be able to check for driver updates. See below.






    Since you're using AMD. I'd recommend finding out the model number or name of your GPU and finding the correct up-to-date drivers here.




    Once you're on the above page scroll to "Latest AMD Drivers and Software" and find your model.


    Apologies for the mismatch in assuming you were using an NVIDIA card.

  8. 1 minute ago, CHT Xris Driver said:

    Lol why that topic even exists, if I may ask? Bans, appeals, feedback and everything else of that kind was supposed to be a private, internal matter, right? :troll:


    TruckersMP prides itself on trying to keep the forums clean which to a majority they can control.


    I agree with the above statement why allow a thread just for your users to disagree with each other. At the end of the day you made the decision and it's not going to change so why is this thread unlocked?


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  9. "I feel, is rather unfair. It may just be that they have forgotten to change their name after playing a particularly memey game."


    Your in-game name uses your TruckersMP account name so that statement is invalid.


    Although, it is a good suggestion if admins can just simply warn users of their actions then I'm sure most would just make the recommended changes straight away. If they choose not to change their tags then it's their own fault and it should be actioned by staff. Simply adjusting someones player tag doesn't stop them from doing it again.


    Perhaps, introducing some form of alternative such as a cool-down would work better instead of banning users you could disable their name tag for 7 days, 30 days or permanent.

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  10. Most mods from the Steam Workshop won't be enabled when you join a multiplayer server.


    These mods can only be used on single-player.


    Please be aware of the save editing rules before-hand. There are lots of downloadable MP compatible mods which currently violate save editing rules and are bannable.


    For more information on rules, available tools and mods see below:







  11. Suggestion Name: 

    Monthly Q&A


    Suggestion Description:

    Re-open the Q&A section once a month or so to allow players to ask staff/developers questions and have the ability to gain feedback and other opinions/answers at the same time.


    As there isn't really a suitable place for this type of talk other than individually talking to staff it would be a nice addition to the forum.



    (this means that you won't end up with the spam of useless topics like your current Q&A section)


    Any example images: 



    Why should it be added?:

    Re-opening this part of the forum will allow the community to gather and give their thoughts as well as questions/answers to queries that aren't frequently posted. And I feel that doing it this way in the public-eye with the ability to gain other answers it could be beneficial to the community as a whole in some ways.


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