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  1. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    MAN TGX EURO 6 truck

    MAN TGX EURO 6 truck . This German truck was added to Ets2 in the 1.34 update. Many players love this truck. What is your opinion about this truck? .
  2. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Do you own Schwarzmuller & Krone DLC?

    I love Krone.
  3. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I have been playing Ets2 . 4 years.
  4. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Ford F-Max

    No news of SCS software yet. The truck may not be added until next year. The new Man TGX and Renault range T trucks are suffering.
  5. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Next DLC MAP in Ets2 !

    Nothing is clear yet. SCS has not yet released any new news. But I think it's Spain's map.
  6. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Beyond the Baltic Sea - Opinions?

    Hello. . This is a beautiful and great DLC from SCS Company. The DLC has been the most sold in the list for steam. Many gamers have bought this DLC.
  7. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    New Volvo Truck Thoughts?

    Hello . Volvo brand is awesome . I love Volvo brand very much. Volvo VNL truck has been added to ATS and players like it. But slightly weakened by SCS.
  8. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Trade Connections Germany awards

    Hello You need to login to your account at the world of truck and get bonuses in the Event section.
  9. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Skin - ETS

    Hello . This is a beautiful skin for the truck, and I love it But DLC is also beautiful pirate skin
  10. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Winter mod for multiplayer

    Winter fashion for multiplayer . Will snow this year be multiplayer? Last winter, a mod winter was released for multiplayer. Now we are approaching Christmas. How many days does this mod be released?
  11. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    What do you think? What's new in 1.34? Will the MAN TGX Euro6 be added? Please leave a comment.
  12. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    What is the best truck brand?

    What is the best truck brand? . Which brand of truck do you like? Which truck do you choose in multiplayer? Why you support this? What factors have to support this? Please leave a comment ...
  13. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    If you could add 1 thing to ETS2 what would that be?

    If I had the ability to add a new DLC Because the Volvo brand is popular among players and a powerful truck. I would release the Volvo Tuning Pack.
  14. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    What is the next county you would like to see scs either expand or create?

    Hello It's not clear what the next map for ets2 is! But I think that Spain is the next SCS project. Like if you agree.
  15. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Turn "Truckersmp" into a payed service

    Hello You're having a truck while you're driving. Some players may be in a hurry. If your truck is damaged, you can use / fix.