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  1. Hello . I like the map of Italy. Because it has narrow and narrow roads. And mountainous. Driving in Italy is enjoyable. . Which country do you like in Ets2?
  2. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Update 1.35 beta...

    Hello. As you know, the 1.35 update for the Euro Truck Simulator will soon be released. Is the time near? Do you think this update will be released in a few days?
  3. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    New Italy City

    A beautiful island and a beautiful and, of course, new, nature. Beautiful and enjoyable roads. This is a beautiful thing for 1.35. And I love this island.
  4. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    What would you like to see in ETS2 update 1.35?

    I would love to update 1.35: 1. French truck Renault T 2.DLC tuning for the Volvo brand 3.Truck Ford-Fmax
  5. Hello you must Send your video to the truckermp.com website.
  6. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    MAN TGX EURO 6 truck

    MAN TGX EURO 6 truck . This German truck was added to Ets2 in the 1.34 update. Many players love this truck. What is your opinion about this truck? .
  7. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Do you own Schwarzmuller & Krone DLC?

    I love Krone.
  8. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I have been playing Ets2 . 4 years.
  9. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Ford F-Max

    No news of SCS software yet. The truck may not be added until next year. The new Man TGX and Renault range T trucks are suffering.
  10. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Next DLC MAP in Ets2 !

    Nothing is clear yet. SCS has not yet released any new news. But I think it's Spain's map.
  11. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Beyond the Baltic Sea - Opinions?

    Hello. . This is a beautiful and great DLC from SCS Company. The DLC has been the most sold in the list for steam. Many gamers have bought this DLC.
  12. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    New Volvo Truck Thoughts?

    Hello . Volvo brand is awesome . I love Volvo brand very much. Volvo VNL truck has been added to ATS and players like it. But slightly weakened by SCS.
  13. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Trade Connections Germany awards

    Hello You need to login to your account at the world of truck and get bonuses in the Event section.
  14. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Skin - ETS

    Hello . This is a beautiful skin for the truck, and I love it But DLC is also beautiful pirate skin