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  1. Happy Birthday PooDy 💙🎉!! I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  3. I did not expect to see you on the scene, controling the trafic but i can not thank you enough for saying hi to me in chat you realy make my whole day so awesome, Thank you so so much for being there :)) :3 Have a great day. o//

    1. Polyxena


      I was also surprised and happy to see you there 😄 . I am glad you had fun at the event 💙

    2. PooDy


      I did have to find the time finally on the event 🙂 Hope i will see you again soon enjoy the great day and be happy :))) ❤️

  4. Still nobody will listen but whatever, making NCZ in Duisburg isn't that bad but still it's all about players, and secondly you should put strict 90kph on whole D-C road it will be much more better than it is now.
  5. Nice so we do not need to bother answering question when you read the forum and again answer the same answer i give him.....
  6. You can play on truckers even with the Physics mod it's just don't work on MP :)) and second dark sky not neccesery have to work with winter mode so no need for it :)) just download frosty add it to folder in ets2mp and go for some trucking :))
  7. Exactly FullM00n just put a fuction disable winter and done i want that slippery roads even more i love them
  8. Great to remove the physics for crying kids... the icy roads was all the purpose to drive carfull in winter, now you don't need to have mod because it's same as normal driving. Please take it back or remove the mod because withnout it is useless...
  9. Happy birthday, I hope you have a long and beautiful life. 🍰

    1. PooDy


      It's so intresting how you come to say this and you did not even know about this day, Thank you so much guys. :) 

  10. Happy Birthday! 🎂

    1. PooDy


      It's so intresting how you come to say this and you did not even know about this day, Thank you so much guys. :) 

  11. Happy Birthday PooDy!!! 🎉 🎂 

    1. PooDy


      How did you know you so supprised me, Thank you so so so much Poly. Dankuchen ❤️

    2. Polyxena


      Hehe no problem, I saw it randomly on the TMP forum 😃 💙. Wish you a wonderful day!

  12. You should remove that stupid skoda, then all work could be done and we finaly could play patch after more than month, and not getting still answer we are close to release, you are close for 3 weeks....
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