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  1. Yeah but the list might become overfilled. I mean say you would add every capital of the world you would have 200+ cities in the list, not to mention the countries with multiple timezones. It wouldn't have that much use to add every city in the timezone list.
  2. I used to play with steering wheel and pedals but after a while I started getting annoyed by having to build the setup everytime before playing and removing it everytime after playing. So these days I just play with keyboard.
  3. Luckily I don't have to work on Saturdays, 2 day weekend is already short for me. I couldn't imagine a 1 day weekend
  4. iPhone 7, was a great phone, had it back then too
  5. Usually some bread with sausage and for drinks some cola and water, very basic stuff
  6. Realistically this makes sense but I think it would just cause more accidents from players in cars being more tempted to overtake in tighter streets with much traffic.
  7. Well then I would recommend the Kirkenes road in ProMods if you have it. Its pretty tight and with the amount of players its even tighter. For the main game I am unsure.
  8. Difficult in terms of trying to avoid players? Then probably Calais-Duisburg road or in ProMods Kirkenes road. If you mean in curves and stuff you can probably find some good curvey roads on the map https://map.truckersmp.com
  9. Fahre so gut wie nie nur 90km/h, aber immer am blinken und bei roten Ampeln ist es immer wieder anders Haha
  10. blackaudi


    Travelled to Spain for 2 weeks with my family, really beautiful and almost empty beaches where we went to.
  11. From everything I've read at the rules, I don't think that that is against the rules. I wouldn't see why it would be anyway
  12. I always turn it on when I see a blue dot approaching me on the map, I like to just randomly read their names
  13. I usually like using very basic colors, ones which don't stand out to much but look good. So my most used colors are black and white.
  14. iPhone 11, bought it when it came out and it still works really good so I am not thinking about switching to anything else yet.
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