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  1. I must have missed that patchnote, but here is hoping that Autumn mods will be applied as soon as possible anyhow
  2. I work as a healthcare worker, home based care. That means that I drive from house to house and help people in their own homes. This allow people that need some help, but still are too well for a healthcare facility to live at home. I really enjoy my job, even though the pay is horrible
  3. We are now mid October and as far as I can see the Summer Mod is still the seasonal mod that is active. Perhaps it's time to switch things around and start the fall/Automn like has been done other years?
  4. Yeah, I am hoping that they will support it soon as autumn is coming around Europe about now ^_^
  5. Hello everyone! Will there be an Autumn mod this fall as there has been other years? I have tried to search and I can't find any information about it this year.
  6. I would say that is better to be honest ^_^
  7. Methras

    Ghost Mode

    If I understood correctly he doesn't mean that he wants Ghost Mode to last longer, but a countdown or some way to see when it turns itself of. If there was a warning that Ghost Mode is ending in 10... 9.. and so on it may help provide some accidents.
  8. Generally I stay at the road-limits or maybe 5-10 above. Because I do a lot of Divisional drives, I never go above 90 though. Unless it's to close a gap in a convoy, but thats also when the fun stuff happens.
  9. As usual the problem is not really the cars, it's the drivers. I doubt that all incidents are on purpose, the problem is that they don't know how to handle the car and suddently there is a whoopsie and some other player is involved. As long as people at least try to be somewhat careful, the cars is no problem
  10. I really like the route this month's convoy will take! Looking forward to participating!
  11. The ATS Cargo tonight was awesome! Thank you to all the staff that arragged this! 😄

  12. Very well formed survey that will surely give good data for the future of the community :)
  13. Welcome 🤝

    1. Methras


      Thank you very much!

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