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  1. hello all i need to ask but here it is why is my world of trucks .. like not working anymore its didn't lag or anything just when i try to log in it keep saying you must have new virson of the trucker mp but there is no new virson yet and it not let me log in ? when is that going be fix thanks

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    2. NightOfTheWings


      ``` aww darn

      for min i thought it welcome true but may i ask why is it not supporting ? is there a bug or something

      just wonder thanks @FernandoCR

    3. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Whenever SCS updates the games, TruckersMP needs to change the mod to support those updates. World of Trucks is a part of SCS, so it was updated at the same time as the games and now it doesn't accept connections if you have older versions (I guess it's because the updated games implemented something that WoT needs in order to work properly).


      Our only chances are: update the games and play SP with full WoT support, or wait until TruckersMP releases the updated mod so we can play MP but without WoT.

    4. NightOfTheWings


      ah ok thanks for let me no about it @FernandoCR

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