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  1. I hear what your saying mate I'm with you 100% on that it all comes down to small number of rule breakers come in to be rude or not care or be bored and have nothing else to do so they come and make others day feel like hell the way they feel trolls and rude people will never go away but we can keep it under control to the best we can if you have the right people in the team that stand by rules and respect and here for the players. Respect and here for the players also most players who cry out that there are more players on then Truckermp staff they are around reports on website maybe delayed by a day or week or month they have a life just like us I am a carer in a nursing home just I have more time off then most of them but that is not the point I am trying to get at until you take up some role of being a team member on their side we cannot judge.



    Respect and being respectful is a useful tool that costs nothing that should be carried wherever you are in the world not just online or while playing it's just not used enough. As a trucker player on Truckermp since 2014 I've seen how this community has changed so much over my life time being here how players have come together with all the lovely staff who've made this lovely mod so you guys and girls can enjoy it together. But what I've seen with players and heard with in voice chat and messaging in the game is out of this world how players find it okay to use such words when it comes to any kind of discrimination when they get upset or angry, screaming, shouting, swearing and calling all the names under the sun if it's a joke or you find it funny or trolling maybe take a moment in your heart to think how it could affect other players around in while trucking on the road always remember to love everyone around you even if you don't know them!🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈


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