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  1. New truck on the roads 👀 (Spelling mistake is fixed btw😅)


    1. Zenn.


      Look clean! very nice 👍

    2. 3749771


      Nice truck!

  2. I guess it could be made so the AI was only visible to you ? That way it wont affect the general Traffic ?
  3. Hehe, my role is greener than yours;))

    1. SharpGlitter167


      Makes me feel sick looking at it

    2. Syllemylle
  4. Thanks for the follow<3

  5. Welcome to the Forum:0

  6. Congratulations on the promotion! 

  7. Congrats on the CM position!:)

  8. New skin for our Scania T-cab!😃


  9. We are slowly getting along with the rebrand of Stride Haulage!


    1. Vlossom


      Nice skill :mlg_doge:

  10. Enjoying the New Montana DLC in ATS as well as the new Western Star 57X



  11. Stride Tours™ is rolling out! Thanks for the update!

  12. That is some brutal beams of light:mlg_doge:


    1. _europeantrucks_


      no thats a Scania

    2. Leithian


      Nice photo!

    3. Shadel


      Great Photo ?

  13. Rest In Peace. ❤️

  14. On the 15th of may we held our May Convoy in Stride Haulage !
    Great work from our CC team and also a special thanks to @TreesFamilyMember for providing us with GM support !



    1. TreesFamilyMember


      I enjoyed the convoy!

    2. Shadel


      Great Photo :love: ?

  15. Evening all !?

    I hope you are all doing well today! This is just a small plug for Stride Haulage's May Convoy. We have recently gotten 2 free slot available for your VTC to book. So if your VTC isn't doing anything this Sunday (15th of May) I strongly encourage you too attend !:) 
    Its gonna be a very fun event no doubt ! We will have full CC on our own event server:) If you are not a part of VTC with a booked slot or just a VTC in general, you are of course still more than welcome to join us !:)

    Read more about the event here: https://truckersmp.com/events/8307-stride-haulage-may-convoy!



  16. New truck added to the family !? What do you all think ?


    1. Janisane


      nice pic

    2. Frank hughes

      Frank hughes

      Awesome paintjob my dude. @Syllemylle

    3. Shadel


      Nice Picture :love: ?

  17. This sounds good! I think we can survive a troll every 3 month, meaning It seem tiring to wait 3 month to come online and be banned again.
  18. Crazy Times #TMP8 Wonder what the red Truck has been upto xD

    1. Frank hughes

      Frank hughes

      Free roam server is a good way to end the 8 year anniversary of truckersmp also it's fun driving around and going woop woop with the cars. ?

    2. Shadel


      Skoda and Convoy really very nice a photo.  :love: :HaulieLove:

  19. Does that mean I can try a Danish police car ?! If so, how do I get my hands on that ? xD
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