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  1. Had a short journey alone today throughout France. Very empty roads!

  2. Here, take a doggo


    1. Doggo.


      Doggo, take a here

  3. Had a nice meet with @[ConSecGroup] Christian, @Picky99, @Dylan R, @.beano. and @[ConSecGroup] xXJDTVXx. Nice meeting you peeps ❤️


    1. sDev (REC)(G27)

      sDev (REC)(G27)

      Looks great 🤟

    2. wesleyr99


      Very Cool 👍👍👍

    3. [ConSecGroup] Christian

      [ConSecGroup] Christian

      Seems im a bit late to the party 😂 was good seeing you 🙂


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  4. Anything to stop them from winning ^^
  5. Thanks for the amazing Convoy all TFM and TMP staff! Was a good one today!

    1. Pillow


      Loved the convoy ❤️

    2. wesleyr99
  6. Congrats on becoming a fellow Report Moderator! 😉

  7. admeeeen followed me :kappa:

  8. Had a lovely drive with @CN.ZX-Pink, @HamsterSizedAsian and 2 others! Loved it!

  9. Had a nice drive with a friend of mine, and @HamsterSizedAsiantagged along at the end. Was very nice!



  10. Congratulations on getting into the Event Team, Kye_! 😄

    1. TFM_Kye


      Thank you Velcta ❤️

  11. Had a nice meet with @Cute-Pandatoday! Very pleasant person, nice meeting you 😉

    They're on the left, myself on the right


    1. Cute-Panda


      I am also glad to meet you and have a nice day

    2. Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Great Photo! 


      Admeen please photo 🤣🤗❤️🙋‍♀️

  12. Thanks for the follow! 😄

    1. TFM_Kye


      👋Your Welcome. 🙂 

  13. Thought I'd spice my truck up a little :P

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Hope your enjoying your new role. 

    2. TFM_Void


      @WNxArcticwolfI mean, I haven't done anything yet. Still a Trainee 😄

    3. WNxArcticwolf
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  14. Congratulations on getting to this new Rank! 😄

    1. WarSniperr


      thank you ;)

  15. I never used it while having the TruckersFM colour. But now that I am working at becoming a Game Moderator, who knows
  16. Thank you for the follow 😄

  17. This is a really interesting concept! I wonder how it'd be within game.
  18. Hello! I personally do not think they should be removed. I'll give some reasons; 1. The game it self is a "simulator" - Therefore I believe that it makes sense to keep the servers as close to simulation as viable, 2. a lot of players, including myself, love the immersion that the simulation rules bring. However, I do think some changes would be nice; - Removing the NCZs. Yes, I know this is a terrible idea and it won't happen. But if that was possible it would be so much more enjoyable. Instead of driving through people to drop a trailer you'd have to wait for them
  19. Hello! I believe the largest I have attended so far would be the one from last year. It was STC, it was a 24 hour charity event. It was rather fun to be a part of! I think we had between 500 - 700 people.
  20. Thanks for the follow :P

  21. Met this person on the road, a very pleasant individual :P

    1. Meto5


      thank uu ❤️ 


    2. TFM_Void
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