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  1. I'm not sure but may be lowering the graphics scale may reduce the lag however visually wouldn't advice it either.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering why so many people in multiplayer prefer Eurotruck to ATS? Suppose if someone without knowledge of ets2 and ats were to choose between one of these lovely games. What do you think will be their first pick and why? Please let me know your opinion
  3. Hello, Very well written. VTC do need great leadership skills and very very active top management. Even one single person with good skills can hold together a lot of members. Time and enthusiasm with great communication skills. However the criteria for successful VTC is hard to define. In personal opinion having large members in a vtc may not make it successful either. You can have 500 members. But may be only 50 members come online and play together. But may be a 60member VTC can also have 50members doing the same. I would say any VTC which has 80% active regular members and feel the admin has given them ample support for all their needs and are happy is the most successful VTC.
  4. I started ets2 April 2017, joined truckersmp 2018 when I realised ets2 had mods and found truckersmp on a topic.
  5. Love this topic. I would like to see the weather change included in a calendar and rain/snow accordingly. Snow should pile up like in real. Tyre to winter. Realistic road conditions
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