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  1. i hope they make a separate server for the AI when they do get that up and running
  2. it has been about half an hour one time
  3. Not a sick image like the others but here you are
  4. i like it with more players as its busier so keeps you on your toes
  5. Welcome to the forums 😀

  6. Happy birthday pal

    1. L-DragO*


      Thanks a lot 🙏

  7. How is everyone doing today?

    1. L-DragO*


      doing fine and you?

  8. the question is how are staff staffing both servers to make it fair for everyone and to complete reports
  9. Id like to keep it the current state but adding the truckstop place and gas station changes to ease traffic etc
  10. Day of course. Night time is too dark and scary
  11. I think it was about 45mins ish when there was idiots blocking the road constantly
  12. thank you for the follow

  13. thank you for the follow

  14. Im having Lasagne for dinner

  15. came out the womb speaking English sooooo
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