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  1. Yeah but adding extra lights (on top of cab and on bull bar) should make difference surely? Or maybe its just my eyes that need updating lol
  2. Ginger74

    High Beam

    If I turn off my high beams at night I will not be able to see anything and will crash as I find new lights a bit dim to see properly at night
  3. Hi folks Is it just me that thinks that the headlights are a little bit dim or do other people think so?
  4. Hi there Folks, So can we pick up and deliver cargo or are they just for driving around in? ta
  5. Hi again folks So ETS2 updated (1.7gb) is this just the Chinese New Year paintjobs or something else as well. I am guessing i am asking in the wrong place and probably should be asking in Help but it is to do with ETS2 Ta for reading Me
  6. yep that fixed it, seasonal effects were on, i am sure i had turned it off but maybe an update changed it Ta Muchly DJ Jefferz
  7. Hi there Folks Anyone else have occassional snowfall, it is not on the ground just falling from the sky?
  8. yes, it seemed to fix it self when i logged in this morning
  9. No Jobs in Freight Market on ATS or ETS, please help?
  10. I joined in early/mid March and it has helped keep me almost sane lol
  11. Bought it, waiting for MP to play it
  12. @DavinaTheWeena, don't worry about it we all have bad days, just keep on trucking, honk honk
  13. @DavinaTheWeena is that better? at least I gave them capital letters as they are names, hmmmm
  14. Hi there Folks Do people think that SCS will ever bring out Renault and Ivecco Tuning DLC. Do people think there is a need for it? Thanks for reading
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