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  1. I would be really nice if SCS would wait with further updates of 1.37 until release of 1.38...

  2. Just checking  out for the 8th time today if there is still the red bar on top of the forum... still there. :D

  3. Sunday drive.










  4. Why is ATS update taking so long? Hope you arent going to wait for 1.37 ETS to get out of beta... 😟

  5. Does anyone know if Sarantos R999 Scania has actually tuned engine? I highly doubt but it would be the hella cool.

  6. At this point i basically have slicks on my trailer 😎😜


    1. DerAmpelmann


      I would pull you over if I still had the right to.

    2. antrax737


      Feel free to, im at 100% slicks now xD

  7. Just realised... my gtx 1060 8gb is 2 years old and newer games require more than that... time for upgrade... again... need to upgrade cpu too... 1000€ right there... this whole gaming thing is expensive 🤢

    1. Positivetrucking168


      I am also a budget gamer with a GTX 1050, and so I am slowly entering the world of 900p gaming on newer titles as those get more graphically demanding over time. 

      Given that I can't really afford an upgrade either, I can understand you there as well.  

    2. antrax737


      Exactly, 6 years ago i bought gtx 650 and i had it for 4 years and i could play anything during that time, now 2 years old 1060 got outdated in 2019, so actually 1yo, it is true that this was the year when 2000 series came out, but still... i'd expect 500€ gpu to resist the time a bit better...

  8. My favourite composition in ATS at the moment. Drove a bit around Washington today, right now heading to Redding, CA, unloading there tomorrow.





    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Nice picture,Good job!:love:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos 🥰:wub: I see a really nice yellow car in the background of the last photo :love:

    3. antrax737


      Well ya, i got a feeling that he was following me... i've seen it multiple times yesterday :P

  9. Anyone for a drive? 100% simulation... send me a message.

  10. 1.37 beta for ATS is out!!! Some pretty cool stuff added!

  11.  ~23.300km and 46 unloads in 7 days. Still have some room to do more.



  12. Oi, i'm looking someone to drive with. You need to know that i play the game (almost) the way it's ment to be played, so simulation, driving a truck not a car. Contact me if you are interested.

    1. DerAmpelmann


      I'm interested :kappa:

    2. antrax737


      I need your cell phone number, your name, address, one personal document, to write down some numberz... all of this just to get in contact with you, since i havent see you on steam for about two weeks you nab! 😂🧐

  13. And done! 4000 runs, over 2mil of km, average 570km per run. If nothing else i learned how to drive efficiently, my lowest consumption on a truck is just slightly above 30l/100km, with the new Man, but more realistically, i average probably somewhere between 31.5-32.5l, depends on roads.


    If anyone wonders if this is legit, i cant prove it, but it is as legit as it can be, with one difference, steam says that i've got 2728 hours on the game.



    Topic about this whole thing coming in a few days, it's pretty big achivement in my opinion.

  14. 4000th run in progress


  15. Only 0.2% of players?! 🧐🤔 GG me! 😂


  16. Is it only me?


    ATS only.

  17. First impresions... very detailed at least 6 roads missing and very top of Romania missing. Very nice DLC but it borders on tourist sightseeing instead of the shortest route from A to B...

  18. Went for a drive today, from Luga (RU) to Debrecen (HUN), chose my oldest truck for that, it'll have the honor to go to Romania first too.


    Last refill in Russian, for some time at least



    Classic Warszaw



    Found New Holland on two tracks (wtf?!)



    Finally made it, waiting for release.


  19. Weird, it has been so long since the last time i was so hyped about any new content from SCS, but today i actually am.


  20. And again i totally forgot about turning from Vet 4 to Vet 5... i was on the old forum actually too, if we think about this one as the new one, not so new anymore, 5 years and counting, i made this account the same day this forum opened or a day after... hbd to me and cya in 1.36 and the Black sea guys!

  21. Did SCS post the road layout for the upcoming expansion yet?

    1. MarkON


      Hello @antrax737

      SCS officially not but:

      From several hours...there are many pre-release movies(recorded by senior beta testers, scs staff, youtubers, streamers) where you can see the map:

      For example Road to the Black Sea Map in 5 sec:




      Have a nice day



    2. antrax737


      Thank you, exactly what i wanted to see!

  22. Emm so ATS still isnt supported?

    1. ScaniaFan89


      They are likely waiting for ets to be updated, kill two birds with one stone! 

    2. antrax737


      Good point, but i will most likely kill Utah hype.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      No that will be at the end of november when people cant get the bee anymore, which tbh imo really isnt worth it! I bet you can either buy it later or trade it.....Honestly Utah just doesn't appeal to me, but then that could be because we have to buy every bloody state where as in ets at least we get a few countries / counties in a dlc 

  23. Cmon dev team, push!!!

  24. I've conqured the snow of Iceland in mp today, now you shall call me king Antrax the third. :D


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      looking good 😉 Nice parking xD :D 

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