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  1. Some pics from 1.39















  2. Well it's beta time again, it was fun to be back! Keep on having fun guys and lets hope that this update wont be so tricky on TMP Devs as the last one. (ATS beta is here)

  3. I wish we'd get some spicy leaks from SCS every now and then... you know just to keep the hype up i guess.

  4. New Scanias 770hp engine has 3700Nm of torque. Scania posted today on instagram a bit more specs. This makes it the most powerful truck in the world.

    (I was wrong yesterday.)


  5. So as i mentioned on friday, Scania released today new V8 engines, 530, 590, 660 and 770. No idea about torque, i found some info which i hope isnt true.

    Edit, it seems to be true, 770 engine is upgrade in consumption department but downgrade in torque, maximum torque of 3183Nm, huge downgrade from 3500Nm... maximum of 6% better fuel consumption.

  6. ‼️Ok guys this is big‼️ if you check out Scania official instagram, they will announce something on the 28th, so monday, the way I see it they are bringing more horsepower to the table, up to 780hp. Just check their insta (Scaniagroup) if you don't believe.

  7. Awesome. SCS! My next toy please!

  8. Can anyone explain to me what happend to my name? It went from antrax737 to User_16982 over a night.

    1. LordBenji


      You can submit a feedback ticket to file a complain or inquire about the name change: https://truckersmp.com/feedback

    2. XFMaster9666




      As said by LordBenji, please submit feedback. I'm going to lock this content as it's not suitable for discussing with other users.


      Thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.



  9. SCS i want a new truck... actually make it a tractor.


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    2. Nightmaree.
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      oh wow that is one fast tractor 😮 usually tractors are slow and hold everyone up 😂

    4. antrax737


      Well JCB are more of a construction site type of tractors, so a 235 horsepower JCB fastrac has a top speed of 65km/h and 350 horsepower fastrac has top speed of 75km/h so the 350 is legal on the motorways, clearly the one in the video had a machanic playing with speed limiter.

  10. Back to TMP, finally, feels nice!

  11. Should i go from Kiel to northern Denmark? It is not a no brainer, this year i've done probably more than 40 runs to Denmark from Germany,  and honestly... i like the idea of alt+f4... no other good job in Kiel, that's why.

  12. Živjo sm Klemen iz okolice Postojne, iščem aktivn folk s katerm se bi lohk družu na discu, starost 18+ zaželjena, js mam 24. Trenutno igram največ ETS, ATS in FS19, se pa nebi branu recimo BF3, BF4, EU4, Anno 1800.


    Sorry not in english, i'm searching for Slovenians on TMP.

  13. I would be really nice if SCS would wait with further updates of 1.37 until release of 1.38...

  14. Just checking  out for the 8th time today if there is still the red bar on top of the forum... still there. :D

  15. Sunday drive.










  16. Why is ATS update taking so long? Hope you arent going to wait for 1.37 ETS to get out of beta... 😟

  17. Does anyone know if Sarantos R999 Scania has actually tuned engine? I highly doubt but it would be the hella cool.

  18. At this point i basically have slicks on my trailer 😎😜


    1. DerAmpelmann


      I would pull you over if I still had the right to.

    2. antrax737


      Feel free to, im at 100% slicks now xD

  19. Just realised... my gtx 1060 8gb is 2 years old and newer games require more than that... time for upgrade... again... need to upgrade cpu too... 1000€ right there... this whole gaming thing is expensive 🤢

    1. Positivetrucking168


      I am also a budget gamer with a GTX 1050, and so I am slowly entering the world of 900p gaming on newer titles as those get more graphically demanding over time. 

      Given that I can't really afford an upgrade either, I can understand you there as well.  

    2. antrax737


      Exactly, 6 years ago i bought gtx 650 and i had it for 4 years and i could play anything during that time, now 2 years old 1060 got outdated in 2019, so actually 1yo, it is true that this was the year when 2000 series came out, but still... i'd expect 500€ gpu to resist the time a bit better...

  20. My favourite composition in ATS at the moment. Drove a bit around Washington today, right now heading to Redding, CA, unloading there tomorrow.





    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Nice picture,Good job!:love:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos 🥰:wub: I see a really nice yellow car in the background of the last photo :love:

    3. antrax737


      Well ya, i got a feeling that he was following me... i've seen it multiple times yesterday :P

  21. Anyone for a drive? 100% simulation... send me a message.

  22. 1.37 beta for ATS is out!!! Some pretty cool stuff added!

  23.  ~23.300km and 46 unloads in 7 days. Still have some room to do more.



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