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  1. Am I the only one that hates the actual engine sound of the cars? I dont know, i just feel like its very weird and not natural. Let me know if you think the same or not!
  2. I just saw your pic (1st place) man that thing is amazing! I have no clue how to do screenshots like that, but u are nuts! Congratz mate! U really deserve it! :)

    1. ffracing75


      Thank you for your kind words. It is just lots of practise behind screenshots like that 😁

  3. Its a personal preference! Single its easier, while double its harder. Just try both! Greetings!
  4. Beyond the Baltic Sea Italia Vive la France Im going to buy Ibery 100% since im from Spain! Hehe Greetings!
  5. GonZz.

    Force Feedback

    Yeah, add realism! So i play with it. May be annoying with certain terrains, but its good. Greetings!
  6. People may like it, so its there for them. Its useful for convoys and stuff (pilot) and for the mods (police role). The only thing i dont like is the engine sound. Thats why i dont use cars! Greetings!
  7. I would put 120 tbh, but yeah this is not need for speed man. May be not that fun but its safe! You can always go Arcade Greetings!
  8. Its gonna be Iberia since im spanish! But its not out, so i would say beyond the baltic sea Greetings! Gonzz.
  9. Its fun, as long as you dont care about money, because you are probably going to have some porblems and crash at some pont! But its pretty fun, if i play alone is not fun! Greetings! Gonzz.
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