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  1. I agree with the navigation being to small and SCS probably not adding it but I would definitely be happy if they did. Pretty good idea if you ask me and as already said atleast the distance between the next junction would fit in so yeah just really nice idea. Have a good day. Kind regards, Dogey
  2. I'm not sure but I would say the both Scania and after that Volvo although Volvo has more performance I feel like Scania accelerates faster with and without trailer. I even saw a battle between the new Scania and Volvo, the Scania won so that might be evidence. Kind regards, Dogey
  3. I don't like the old Renault Premium and Magnum because in my opinion they are kinda ugly and they don't have a cabin navigation so you have to have the Cabin Accessoires DLC. I don't really care about power because I use a mod which puts the 750 HP engine of the Volvo in every truck you buy in singleplayer and it's compatible with Multiplayer. Kind regards, Dogey
  4. I prefer Automatic because -I don't have experience with Manual ShiftIng -I don't want to shift with keyboard (sadly no steering wheel and no Shifting set) Kind regards, Dogey
  5. I have automatic gear shifting but on high power mode so higher RPM I think it almost goes to the limiter. Kind regards, Dogey
  6. Dogey

    Overtake C-D

    Well, like many people said I also drive behind and if nobody is near I overtake most times. Kind regards, Dogey
  7. Dogey

    Car Engine Sound

    It's quite noisy and I'm not sure but it's sounds a bit like a washing machine. It's not really the sound of a realistic car. But who knows of TMP is gonna fix it. It's also when you drive 110km/h it has like an echo droving constantly the same speed and it shakes from the right to the left constantly. Kind regards, Dogey
  8. I'm not sure but I don't think you can really fill out reports. Maybe you could program your own website where you could do that. Or if you want it easy you can also just kick or ban people out of your VTC. I'm not the experienced own with VTCs, but hopefully I could still help you. Kind regards, Dogey
  9. Dogey

    First impression

    Hello everyone, I started driving about one and a half year ago. When I saw Videos of TruckersMP on YouTube I wanted to get it. When I registered, I was just shocked how good everything looked, even tho TruckersMP staff not getting paid. As I must admit I can't really program anything and I am just fascinated of people who can. The system and everything is made pretty good. Just fascinating. So my question to you is, what was you're first impression of the Multiplayer, forum etc.? I'm really interested in your answers. Stay safe,drive careful and see you on the roads. Kind regards, Dogey
  10. Dogey


    Feww, that's a lot of time. I wouldn't reach the end. Kind regards, Dogey
  11. Just driving around I never get trolled and if so I'm not getting trolled so hard. Driving on CD road I still see people getting rammed, but it's never the case for me. Always recording if something happens, which I also recommend to you. Report them, continue driving safely and just be careful overall as I made the best experiences driving caution and careful. Kind regards, Dogey
  12. I'm a really good and cautious driver. I don't really stop at red lights except when there's players near but you are allowed to do that with no players near. I'm always driving 110km/h and when there's a sharp curve I slow down. Even on CD road I got no damage or anything. So yes you could definitelycall me a good driver. Kind regards, Dogey
  13. I like areas with only few people near me: 1. My PC can't handle many players 2. I don't really like to be in traffic jams 3. I hate Horn spamming Kind regards, Dogey
  14. Currently I would say my favorites are Beyond the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia because of their beautiful scenery. Kind regards, Dogey
  15. It's still a truck simulator, which should give you a realistic feeling. In my opinion the speed limiter was a good addition because I was playing without it 2 years ago and there were so many accidents and only chaos . Hopefully you will get it soon Kind regards, Dogey
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