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  1. For me it's the Renault T Range the Scania S-Series s 730 and the Volvo Fh 750 Kind regards, Dogey
  2. I have only got the Scandinavia DLC, the rocket league promo and the Goodyear DLC because of the event Kind regards, Dogey, Veteran Driver 1
  3. It brings more realism to the game and for example with the cars you wont lose your control so fast as if you could still drive 150 km/h. Truckersmp just chose the right decision. Greetings Dogey
  4. Scania cause they have really strong engines and thats why they accelerate so fast. Greetings Dogey
  5. Dogey

    Servers with [US]

    Thanks for the help I live in Europe so I will keep playing on the normal Simulation servers Greetings Dogey
  6. Hey Guys I just got a little question where can I see how long I have been registered on the forum? Greetings Dogey
  7. What is this new Server with [US]? I haven't played it yet so I just wanted to ask what the differences between this and the Simulation servers are Greetings Dogey
  8. I can't play that long and I wanted to play another game, so I just made 1 of 12 pink ribbon deliveries. Greetings Dogey
  9. i have played 90 hours because there was a big break between were my pc got repaired Greetings Dogey
  10. Im listening toN-JOY if i am not playing with a friend Greetings Dogey
  11. I like to listen to the german radio N-JOY. It has some pretty cool and always several new songs Greetings Dogey
  12. I use simple automatic because I don't really like shifting in games and I don't have a shifter and really who wants to change gears with the keyboard? I have got the simple automatic with high power mode. Greetings Dogey
  13. Dogey

    Ranks on profile

    Yeah Sabbi my question has been answered. Thanks for asking Greetings Dogey
  14. Thanks Linciano it really helped because I want to apply for Game moderator if the position is open again in the future Greetings Dogey
  15. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask you where I can see the requirements that are needed for a role? Maybe you could sent me a link in the knowledge or so or just answer it by yourself. Greetings Dogey
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