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  1. Good Idea, but this will make people join the team with the intention of becoming administrator even more. Usually, TruckersMP staff would block off the road and people will understand to go the alternate route, such as during a convoy. Also, not all players understand English, so this is another thing to consider. Although, you could put arrows in the middle, it will still be hard to see from a distance.
  2. Like I stated in my previous comment, I guessed excessive save editing was the issue. For TruckersMP to make this major change, it must of put a negative impact on the mod. As I am not part of the save editing community, people may disagree with what I say. Thank you
  3. I was addressing reckless driving and the ban changes, but I do see where you are coming from. I have never been interested in save editing, so this rule does not affect me. I am guessing that players abused save editing and this was the reason for these changes. Since the save editing community is quite large, it would be difficult to go around banning people who excessively save edit.
  4. People in the comments are saying this is a negative change? This would help people who actually want to play and enjoy the simulation game. It is called “Euro Truck Simulator” not “Euro Racing Simulator.”
  5. Great Guide! Thank you for taking time to make this. The information was very useful.
  6. There is no traffic in mutiplayer mode, at least yet. Truckersmp may implement a dedicated server in the future, but don't expect this large update to happen now.
  7. TheHighFiveMike


    Why waste your time driving down a busy road just to report people? Most administrators are watching over busy areas anyway, so you doing the same is unnecessary. It is a good idea to record for evidence, but not with the intention of looking around for people who break the rules to report them. Just enjoy your drive and discover new places around the map.
  8. It would be nice if we can change the keybind to something else. If you drive with a steering wheel, it would be nice to map the button on the steering wheel.
  9. I don't mind playing in cities like Calais, but cities like Duisburg are just too overpopulated for me.
  10. The convoy will depart from Las Vegas, Nevada and end in Salina, Utah. More information on their blog post - https://truckersmp.com/blog/193
  11. I've never attended a TruckersMP offical event that we got our own parking spot. We park somewhere in the city and when it is time for departure, we follow the event team instructions.
  12. Las Vegas is a pretty big city, so I expect there to be room for everyone.
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