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  1. Congratulations Owen!

    1. Owen.


      Thank you! ❤️ 

  2. I play rocket league, CS:GO and ETS2 of course
  3. Christmas music starts now, well mostly now to annoy some friends of mine
  4. Hey stubborn, my mate told me this the same time as I saw your post, by having logitech gaming software open and it helped! Thanks alot for the help. Best Regards MeepMeep
  5. Hi, just a simple question, but I start up ETS2 and my wheel starts to be more from the right ingame then my wheel is irl. Any solution to this? -TERA
  6. I would like to have this but I find it difficult how to do it..
  7. Looking forward to when 1.38 is released fully =D
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