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  1. Hello @kubenqqqqq This happen when your game cannot load many players at once. I recommend t oto join a server, go to less populated area. - (London, Innsbruck, Paris, Wien and so on). Then drive to example the specific area you wanna go to. When spawning in populated cities, your game need to load many players and their edits and whatsoever they have on their truck. Many computer's can't handle it, when spawning in such areas.
  2. Hello, @EDS-Gaming It is pretty normal that you cannot use random mods on TMP. - TMP do support mods , but very very few mods. For TruckersMP in ETS2 version, you will be able to use: ProMods (Europe & Middle East Seasonal mods (Winter , summer, autumn, spring) - check out announcements for which they support. Dbus In case you driving in American Truck Simulator Promods (Canada) Seasonal mods (Again, check announcements, for which they support) Hope you got the answer you looking for!
  3. That is very nice update, since i played on the same launcher in whole life time on TMP Would like to try out, somewhere in the future where hopefully less people downloading it and so on.
  4. Hello @faby, i think you posted suggestion in a wrong place. You posted a "suggestion" in a help section, and i can't see a issue you facing with? If you want to make suggestions, then it is great idea to post it through suggestion section, and do not forget to follow the format. Also, with your suggestion, it looks like a suggestion you should go to SCS Software not TruckersMP.
  5. Hello, TruckersMP currently have some bugs around the maps. (What i've heard of) Busses, game crashes in some cities and other things. It is all (or many of them) have been informed to the developers and they trying to fix it fast as possible. And TMP HQ is one of the bugs TMP having
  6. Hello. When launching the games through TruckersMP, it will turn automatically how singleplayer look with intro. Then you will see server list. After this, it is pretty much the same as singleplayer. Without robot traffic on the roads Hopefully i answered your question
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