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  1. Well, the central theme is that it is not the vehicle that is to blame, but who is behind its command; In addition to that if you see a player who is breaking TMP laws, do not hesitate to report him on the website so that he can take the necessary actions against the reckless player. and as a recommendation it is good to have on hand the quick save and the fast load if one needs to use it, now with wot it only remains to get away from busy areas.
  2. Kenworth



  3. Happy Birthday Bro ❤️ 

  4. VNL Time ❤️ 



    1. k1v4n


      Great photo:wow:

  5. Iveco TIme ❤️ 



  6. International trucks.... this is American power.





  7. Thanks for the follow ❤️

  8. Tadatomo

    Mack Truck!

    Personally I say that this addition of MACK will be fantastic and thus be able to increase the number of trucks available in ATS; Now it is essential that a truck from the FREIGHTLINER family arrives
  9. If you think about it in a certain way, it is to enter through the main one to exit through the back and to be able to load quickly and comfortably at the garage's gas station; And about why the main one is used as the output in the promotions, it is according to me only to look for a better angle. Now remember that the input and output are relative, since it is valid for both, it only depends on how you feel more comfortable to use.
  10. this Iveco is good in light loads and to do well in photos xd.



    1. k1v4n


      Nice and simple the best way;)

  11. Personally, I do not have any preferred route since there is always something new on each route and therefore each one is special and with a distinctive landscape of the others, although if a ranking of the best of the best were made, those of Scandinavia are those who lead
  12. It is always used keyboard since it is by habit and where I learned, sometimes I may use controller, but it is for practical and space reasons since I cannot have a wheel.
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