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  1. Happy bday 2 you

    1. CoyoteTMP


      Thank you Rista! :]

  2. Congrats

  3. Dortmund - Dover, Innsbruck - Triest.
  4. Happy Birthday !

  5. Congrats !🫡

  6. Congrats !

  7. Hello!

    Nice to see you!

  8. Take Care 

  9. Cant wait to see these beautiful part of the world.
  10. if you see someone breaking the rules, you can always help them by reporting that player. According to TruckersMp 2023 Recap - the Game Moderation Team went from 104 to 132 members. That is 132 staff members VS more than 6k players during rush hours. Its almost imposible to watch every single player. And one question for you, would you be able to handle team of 132 members ?
  11. 110 km/h is for scouts / overtaking slow vehicles / speedrunners (YETTIR BABAS etc) / arcade. 100 km/h is best choice for TruckBook users (My prefered top speed). 90 km/h and below, is for very realistic driving. Big respect for 90 km/h drivers
  12. Both. If im driving on busy roads like Calais-Duizburg, I prefer modded profile because its stress-less. I don't have to pay so much attention if random scout crash into me while driving. If im playing with my close friends so far away from busy roads, im using my non-cheated profile.
  13. Traffic lights are not the problem The problems are drivers who do not stop and block intersections.
  14. I can understand new drivers who have just started playing the game and may not be familiar with the game controls. Maybe they get scared when 10 people behind them start honking and lose their minds. Be patient in traffic.
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