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  1. Hello, Has anyone else been having issues with sounds whilst playing ETS2MP? For some reason when driving down the road the engine startup sound will randomly play for no reason and I've also noticed that occasionally the horn doesn't work. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. Hello, Every time I try to use my owned trailers I go into the Cargo Market and there is nothing available which means I have to dismiss my own trailer and use a default one. This only seems to happen in MP as when playing single player there is always loads available. Is this a bug? And is there a way to fix it? Thanks.
  3. It doesn't say anywhere on here that you shouldn't tick the Special Transport DLC to make it work. Also, I have all the DLCs required and I was playing on the promods server the other day with no issues other than being kicked for high ping. Could mods please let my messages go through? I'm trying to get this issue sorted asap and I can't if you don't allow my posts to show on the site?
  4. Hello, I tried to get on the Promods server and for some reason it thinks I don't have promods installed even though I do. I have the correct version and the files are in the correct place yet TMP doesn't seem to recognise their existance?! Please help!
  5. I've done all that but it doesn't work!
  6. Hello, Can someone give me CLEAR and PRECISE information on how to get winter mod to work in ETS2MP? I have download all files and put them in the correct folder. I have started ETS2 and activated it via the mod manager. For some reason it DOES NOT work at all, please help quickly!
  7. Any idea when the Schwarzmuller Trailers will be supported? Seems odd that they still aren't and is there a reason why?
  8. It doesn't say not to either, which is why I assumed when I loaded ETS2 to find only the original profile I had to copy things over and overwrite. A bit of clarity goes a long way....
  9. I followed all the instructions given but when I restarted ETS2 to see if it had worked, my save game still had the original name and not the new name. I assumed that you had to copy the files from the renamed profile folder to the original and overwrite them.
  10. Tried this, doesn't work and now I've lost my save game......thanks a lot
  11. Erm, my Config.cfg doesn't have save format in it for some reason! Help! Thanks!
  12. Well if it automatically kicks people, why does MP still crash?! I get about 100 yards in Rotterdam then the game crashes!
  13. Ok, I bought the new trailers, downloaded the update to allow them to be used in MP and It still crashes and throws me out of the game?!? What's going on? How is it fixed? Help!
  14. I've waited for more than 5 minuites sometimes and it doesn't do anything. It's not just when boarding a ferry, but also when trying to cancel my current job. It just freezes with no error message or any kind message. I have to re-start my PC every time. I've deleted all my hired drivers and all but 5 of my trucks from my profile, it still crashes. I've tried verifying the game cache, it still crashes. Doesn't matter what I do the damn thing keeps freezing for no reason! I can drive around ok but when I try to board a ferry or cancel a job it freezes.
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