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  1. Hello everyone my name is Jason and i am looking to set up a VTC. Right now all i have is the name J&B Trucking. What i what to do is start by putting a Staff/Management Team together. Then setup are Discord and website with a few different application's for both Staff and Driver's and a few other thing's. So if your not in a VTC and would like to find out more then come and have a talk with us today. Discord Name Jason M#5674. Happy Trucking.

  2. Dear Player's Of TruckerMP, So as of update 1.35 and the new map i am looking for anyone that has the new map has a mic and is 18 or older to come drive with me and just relax and chill and have fun. If you have Discord add me Jason M#5674. 

  3. Dear Member's, 
    Blue Dragon Logistic's is a brand new VTC. We have a Discord Server and are looking for Driver's and Staff. We plan on hosting are vary own Truck Show's and Convoy's each month. If you are not in a VTC and would like to check us out add me. Discord Jason M#5674. Have a question feel free to let me no.

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      Hello, if you want you can use aswell section for VTC's Discussion


  4. Well i do like simi trucks and being to play online with other's is great i love the game.
  5. What i can see is ATS map is under construction so I don't no how long it will be hopefully soon.
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