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  1. Hello everyone my name is Jason and i am looking to set up a VTC. Right now all i have is the name J&B Trucking. What i what to do is start by putting a Staff/Management Team together. Then setup are Discord and website with a few different application's for both Staff and Driver's and a few other thing's. So if your not in a VTC and would like to find out more then come and have a talk with us today. Discord Name Jason M#5674. Happy Trucking.

  2. Dear Player's Of TruckerMP, So as of update 1.35 and the new map i am looking for anyone that has the new map has a mic and is 18 or older to come drive with me and just relax and chill and have fun. If you have Discord add me Jason M#5674. 

  3. That is not how that work's the game when you do a report will take a 2 min rec if you report someone and are not ner them that report i belive will be dismised sorry for my spelling
  4. Dear Member's, 
    Blue Dragon Logistic's is a brand new VTC. We have a Discord Server and are looking for Driver's and Staff. We plan on hosting are vary own Truck Show's and Convoy's each month. If you are not in a VTC and would like to check us out add me. Discord Jason M#5674. Have a question feel free to let me no.

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      Hello, if you want you can use aswell section for VTC's Discussion


  5. Some of them do if you play ATS and no their is a few admin on then it should get looked at but as admin will tell you they what a video or in game report i hate how they make it sound like you have to live stream everytime you play this game it is crazy then agen they make it so real it is no fun i mean i have got hit was live streaming but i did get a msg fom him saying sorry so i never jump the gun on someone now if i get hit by the same person then yes i will report them but ATS is not two bad ETS2 people just dont care so their is a big prome with TruckerMP and i tell you it wont every get fixed not the player base but the staff
  6. Love your post ya this is true but you would still have to do a ban appealing you say hit someone.if you tell a admin what happen I would not see a problem removing it but again how many people make thing's up to not saying your lying or anything just putting it out but ya little kitten'scan be a pain I have 2 of them LOL
  7. Ya this has happen to me now days i fill up when i get to around half a tank.
  8. Well i do like simi trucks and being to play online with other's is great i love the game.
  9. So i will say that all server's need a speed limit to start off with but ETS2 is vary bad people driveing way to fast running into everyone it's just crazy. If anyone is looking for a more relaxed VTC then hit me up on Discord https://discord.gg/9Bnv9pA Have a concern let me no. Wait how my post get to this.
  10. Yes and i do agree with you they need to treat both the game's the same snow would be a great addon and ya it may not bring more player's but it would be great and you never no TruckerMP could grow a lot of people have been asking for it.
  11. You no someone had a post just like this one but as i have said like many other's TruckerMP need's to treat both game's the same if they add snow two ETS2 the ATS should have it. They do more with ETS2 and that is a shame. All the ATS player base is left out.
  12. Well i have seen this on TruckerMP and this seem's to be the way they spawn in. See in offline the trailer's are in their spot's i think but ya.
  13. I would love the snow would be fun in ATS TruckerMP it is a same so many of us what it and you are right they need to do the same for both game's.
  14. I would like to see the new mack truck
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