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  1. Thank you for replies
  2. Hello. In wondering, if there is any planed recruitment for Game mod?
  3. Hello, fellow truckers Does any one have ANY information when they are updating TMP to Snow mod? Thank you, TT.
  4. Hey yea thanks.. Nice Skoda Superb..
  5. Hey all people who replied. Im trying to get some folowers on forum bc im new, so if you dont mind please folow me for more daily topics. Thanks
  6. Yes thanks to everyone I wanna get a bit know areound here on forums but Im no sapming I wanna help others to ask questions
  7. DeD check my new post for more info DeD проверить мое новое сообщение для получения дополнительной информации
  8. Hey does anyone know when will TruckersMP support 1.32 version. So hyped, anyone else? If anyone know wich trucks will be added to the game as well Let me know down bellow Mark
  9. John Thanks I will use the GeForce but I got copyrighted at 1 rep video cuz of Truckers.FM
  10. Hello there fellow truckers. How do you like update 1.32 so far. After you explore every single corner of the update share some pictures of your trucks that you will drive meanwhile this update. I got one of my clean favorite trucks Scania S730. Btw does anyone know a good free recorder to report TROLLS since it shows that report system does not work. Good Luck to everyone on the roads. P.S. Here¨s link to get 1.32 open beta in case you dont have it yet Credit: T-Bone
  11. Thank you Sir. I think Im ready not to quit in 2days when it opens up. Cant wait xD. Good Luck to everyone
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