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  1. Hello @Sluggy121 You can "Verify Game Cache" from Steam, this will download if there are missing files (for ETS2).When downloading Promods, the file may be missing or some modes may not be enabled. I hope it helps... Kind Regards Drexy
  2. [BAR] Drexyy


    Hello @Fuby21 If you get this error you could try the below guide also make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7), DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. Make sure you check the guide below and don't forget to verify your game files! General Crashes and errors that you may experience with the launcher or the game try CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths. I hope you problem will be solved as soon as possible Kind Regards Drexy
  3. Hello @.pszemek. Sorry for your problem.One nickname can be used only once. If you enter the same nickname when you open a new account, it will not accept. İf you still have problems, ticket to support :https://truckersmp.com/support How to open a support ticket : https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/21 Kind Regards Drexy
  4. Hello @MaXterAle Please do not forget,applications are opened as needed! You can learn about the subject here : Kind Regards Drexy
  5. Doğum günün kutlu olsun dostum :) 

    1. Wolf_TMP



  6. Hello @CHICOLUACO :) Report system is used as follows ; 1-Go to https://truckersmp.com/ 2-Hit Login and input your TruckersMP Email address and Password. They are the same as your forum and game login 3-Once you are logged in, you will be returned to the homepage. At this point, head over your name and then select "Reports". 4-ou should be greeted with a table and a button that will allow you to make a "New report". Hit the "New report" button.(You can find how many reports you have left available to create and the maximum you can create altogether.) 5-At this point, you will be able to fill out the information about the player that you are reporting. 6-Please make sure to fill in all details about what happened, relevant video time stamps and evidence links. 7-Please be aware that screenshot evidence cannot be accepted for most reports as it won't always prove what happened 8-Fill in the necessary information. 9-Check the correct username is shown after you input the TruckersMP ID.Make sure you include appropriate evidence links.Once done, click "Submit report" I hope it helps... Kind Regards Drexy
  7. Congratulations Chris :)  :wub:

  8. Takip için teşekkürler dostum :)  :wub:

  9. Tekrardan merhaba @babahayran551 siz Euro Truck Simulator ve TruckersMP yi baştan yüklediğiniz zaman dosyalar otomatik yükleniyor zaten
  10. Tekrardan merhaba @babahayran551 Sanırsam indirme linki istediniz doğrumu anladım eğer doğru anladıysam buradan indirebilirsiniz:https://truckersmp.com/download Eğerki save dosyası arıyosanız internet üzerinde bulmak kolay[Ets 2 save] yazdığınız zaman önünüze çok fazla seçenek çıkıcaktır. Son olarak bu konuya bakabilirsiniz: Başka sorunuz var ise çekinmeden bana dm gönderebilirsiniz... Saygılarımla Drexy
  11. Happy birthday bro :) :wub:

    1. [IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk

      [IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk

      @[BAR] Drexyy Thank you very much mate ! ❤️

  12. Hello @fastredsi Please,follow the steps below: 1-Download and unzip the TruckersMP Launcher from:https://truckersmp.com/download. ( You must be logged in to download.) 2-Navigate to the unzipped folder and launch Install TruckersMP.exe 3-After you accept the License Agreement, you will be asked where you want to install the launcher to on your computer. Select the desired location and proceed. 4-In the next step, you can select the type of installation you want. If you are unsure what to choose, select "Full Installation". If you have both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, you can check multiplayer for both games. If you only have 1 game, uncheck the game you don't have. 5-After selecting for which games you want to install TruckersMP, you need to specify the paths to those games. Depending on where you have installed those through Steam, the path may vary. In most cases, the path will look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\American Truck Simulator" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 6-In the next steps, go with the default path or specify a custom path for the launcher's shortcut in the Start Menu folder and select if you want a desktop icon. After this you can finish the installatio I hope it helps... Kind Regards Drexy
  13. Merhaba @babahayran551 Öncelikle bilgisayarınızın driverlarının hepsinin güncel olduğuna emin olunuz.Eğer hepsi güncel ise oyunu hem Euro Truck Simulator2 yi hemde TruckersMP yi tamamen silip tekrardan yüklemeyi deneyiniz.Eğer sorununuz hala devam ediyorsa save dosyasınız bozuk olabilir değiştirip deneyiniz. Umarım yardımcı olabilmişimdir Saygılarımla Drexy
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