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  1. I find it very useful and I am getting always record
  2. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Volvo or Scania?

    I love both trucks, but I like the Volvo better
  3. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Which trailer do you prefer?

    in terms of being comfortable, I'll always buy a normal trailer
  4. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    How stressful is it to drive in ETS2MP EU-2 [Poll]

    I'm very relaxed because I play very little multiplayer
  5. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Will there be an Asian truck simulation?

    You should suggest to SCS such a game can be made
  6. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Road collision

    I usually forgive the multipliers
  7. Happy birthday  :wub::)Happy-birthday-images.jpg

    1. B4nshee


      Thank you so much ! Thanks for the thought. <3 <3

  8. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Favorite truck in ETS?

  9. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Double trailers

    very true and it's a good decision
  10. yeah I'm excited, I'll look forward to the sale of DLC
  11. [WTLVTC] AloneWolf [NO]

    Word Starting With The Last Letter