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  1. Happy birthday 🥳

  2. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  3. Same thing could be said if SL was Server 2. then it would be unfair for people who want SL.
  4. Why is this useless? It fixes crashes
  5. Crashes have been fixed. Just because it crashes doesn't mean they didn't fi crashes. There can be more than 1 type of crash
  6. You guys need to understand that "fixed crashes" means the fixed crashes. But not ALL crashes. They fixed one type of crash, not all
  7. No because the roads would be empty then
  8. I think they are changing hosts, but i could be wrong. Also i can fully understand that there is lag when there are 4000 players on a server , they just want that players are able to play.
  9. Bouncing trailers happen because of lag. That's because of how ets2 works and afaik devs can't fix it. Also developing and upgrading Servers is something different. So your statement makes no sense. The hosting company is upgrading servers, not the devs.
  10. ? You can't just fix servers beeing not powerfull enough. You first need to get them upgraded by the hosting company and then you maybe need to transfer data if you got a new server... They're just trying to get as many players on the server aspossible so players don't complain
  11. Server is full. Just wait some time
  12. Maybe the file where the name and password are saved is read only?
  13. Can confirm, i can also make a video in 1 or 2 weeks if needed
  14. You don't need a country tag, the admin probably just typed in the wrong id
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