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  1. Exactly, how is the second admin even supposed to know what happened. you could just lie and he wouldn't know, it NEEDS to be the same admin
  2. myluki2000


    Save file editing
  3. Maybe he edited the save file himself
  4. So you're trying out the top down view from the editor... Interesting
  5. myluki2000


    I think with beta he meant prerelease Version of a New ets2mp update
  6. Same thing could be said if SL was Server 2. then it would be unfair for people who want SL.
  7. Windows 10 isn't touchscreen-y anymore, it looks Like Windows 8 but you use it like 7, it has a Start menu, no metro ui
  8. Interesting video, but the truck isn't german German number plates are AB CD 1234
  9. I tested Windows 10 in my old laptop. It was basically unusable with 7 because of lag but 10 is very good and optimized
  10. Crashes have been fixed. Just because it crashes doesn't mean they didn't fi crashes. There can be more than 1 type of crash
  11. You guys need to understand that "fixed crashes" means the fixed crashes. But not ALL crashes. They fixed one type of crash, not all
  12. Well you need to do something yourself and not just tell us that you can play farcry. We don't have wizard powers to see what's wrong when you say "my PC shuts down" without any more information
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