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  1. User_1721059

    Gps Real

    Suggestion Name: Gps real Suggestion Description: if it is possible for in the game a real gps that speaks? Why should it be added: Can make gameplay more realístic.
  2. i resolve the save thanks everyone
  3. I managed to register and register again in the world of trucks but I'll start from the beginning
  4. I'll try to make my normal profile and reconnect with the world of trucks and trukesmp
  5. O meu computador esteve danificado, e foi a uma loja informática para reparar. Ele teve que ser formatado e eu gostaria de saber se será possível reaver o save antigo ou poderia começar do zero com outro perfil e mesma conta da steam, os ficheiros dos documentos foram todos apagados. My computer was damaged, and went to a computer store to repair It had to be formatted, and I would like to know if it will be possible to recover the old save or could start from scratch with another profile and same steam account, the documents files were all deleted.
  6. You can not play online while you have the active ban.
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