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  1. Well i think people should be limited cuz some people overdoing it
  2. Well i only modded the Scania Engine in my DAF XG+ because i was tired of being slow at mountains
  3. I Like big Vehicles and ETS 2 Gives me big Vehicles
  4. Uhm i think somwhere in Germany because its basically the middle of the Map
  5. I like DAF because they got Modern Trucks like the XG
  6. Not using Voice navigation it irritates me
  7. Yes of course both is very important on the Street
  8. Could be a good idea.. I´ve encountered many Cheaters in the recent time especially thoose ones who just Noclip through you and Flip you over. Im really tired of thoose i think a Anticheat of some type should be implemented
  9. Hallo ETS 2 MP Spieler RGTP (RegionalTransport GMBH) sucht neue fahrer Nur noch hier eure anforderungen: - Teamspeak 3 - Microfon - Internet - Eigener Truck - SpedV - ETS 2 Auf Steam - Truckers MP - MIndestens 10 Jahre Alt sein So Das WAren Die Anforderungen Bewerben könnt ihr euch im ts oder Auf Der Webseite (Auf der Webseite zurzeit deaktiviert!) Teamspeak: Webseite: https://flixcau.wixsite.com/regionaltransport Kontakt: [email protected] SpedV: RegionalTransport GMBH
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