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  1. To remember the victims in Paris last night, Euro Truck Radio will be holding a meet up in Paris Sanbuilders at 8:30pm UTC+1 (7:30pm GMT) on EU2. Please arrive in French colours to mark your respect. Thank you. #PrayforParis Where: Paris Sanbuilders on EU2 When: 8:30PM UTC+1 (7:30PM GMT) Please come in French colours! Merci beaucoup
  2. This is an event not to be missed. With £820 at the time of writing being raised for Children in Need; on behalf of ETR- Thank you. But we can do better! Keep donating, keep trucking, and keep listening to ETR
  3. What an amazing event, for an amazing cause; and I look forward to being a part of it!
  4. 219 trucks as noted in the photograph above, plus the 3 admin trucks in attendance, who were noted [but not in the local tab thing] =222 trucks Accepted
  5. Having hosted some races in the past on ETR, especially over long distances like this, you have to be careful that people don't teleport to the garages to cheat, even if they have no damage
  6. Longest convoy: Euro Truck Radio's [i will do my best to find evidence but it has been highly publicised]
  7. 7 hours and 45 minutes until this give away is announced, so make sure you get your answers in. Just listen in at eurotruckradio.com for the question, and submit your response on our website! Fletch.
  8. Euro Truck Radio [Thanks to Thor] are privlidged to be able to give away not 1, but 2 copies of ETS2 GOLD edition. All you have to do is, tune into eurotruckradio.com throughout the day, and you will hear the ETS2 related question you need to answer! You then need to submit your answer as a 'competition request' on eurotruckradio.com The giveaway will be announced at 9PM BST on DJ Mark's show Many thanks, and we look forward to giving 2 in the community this great gift!
  9. Truckfest!! Scandinavia!! Euro Truck Radio!! Mix all these 3 together, and you get an absolutely amazing event. When: Saturday 16th May @ 8PM BST until 9PM BST Where: Scania Yard @ Sodertalje Its sure to be another great truckfest. Make sure you get yourself down to it! Its going to be in Scandinavia- so be sure to check it out. Remember- No trailers. Check out our facebook page for more truckfest details: www.facebook.com/eurotruckradio and our website may also have details too: www.eurotruckradio.com We do hope to see you there Dj Fletch Events manager
  10. Truckfest and Mini convoy organised by Euro Truck Radio! Truckfest: When: Saturday 2nd May @ 3PM BST until 4PM BST Where: Scout yard and surrounding areas outside Praha. Mini Convoy When: Saturday 2nd May @ 4PM BST Where: Praha Scout yard to Sczcecin ITCC yard **Please no trailers to this convoy** We look forward to welcoming you to another one of our legendary events! We have more detail on this event, and others at our facebook page: WWW.Facebook.com/EuroTruckRadio Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there DJ Fletch ETR events co-ordinator
  11. Less than 23 hours until this truckfest. 9PM BST- 10 @ Hannover SteinBruch Quarry
  12. Euro Truck Radio TRUCKFEST!! When: Friday 3rd April @ 9pm- 10PM GMT Where: Hannover Quarry [steinBruch] Come along, leave your trailers behind, it is going to be great. Show off your truck and get to know other drivers If you have never been to one, you don't know what you are missing. I look forward to seeing you there Dj Fletch Events Coordinator @ Euro Truck Radio
  13. TruckFest! When: Friday 27th February 6:30PM GMT until 8PM GMT Where: Mannheim overflow car park Yes, Euro Truck Radio's Legendary TruckFest has returned! No trailer; Join in the trucking fun We hope to see you there! ETR Team
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