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  1. With events starting in only 5 days, check out the website for all details. More exact details including times and locations will be given out very very soon!
  2. Just a reminder to get your votes in ASAP for your favourite Christmas song, which will be counted down on air during the 12 days of xmas. Vote here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R3PGBQH Also listen in at eurotruckradio.com to 24/7 music and live Djs. Find out more information on the 12 days of Christmas by going to our website and clicking on the events tab Many thanks Dj Fletch Euro Truck Radio Christmas Events co-ordinator
  3. Keep an eye on our website at eurotruckradio.com for all the latest information, including exact times and Djs hosting. That's eurotruckradio.com and click on the events tab Many thanks Dj Fletch Christmas Events Co-Ordinator
  4. Euro Truck Radio are holding their 12 days of Xmas events. We have truckfests, races, convoys, scavenger hunts and much much more. These events run from Saturday 13th December until Friday 26th December. To find out all the details go to: eurotruckradio.com and click on the events tab. All the information you need is there. One of our events is 'The Truckers Favourite Christmas song.' This is where, you, the community of Euro Truck Simulator vote for your favourite Christmas song. These will then be counted down on air in order and played throughout an hour or 2 of non stop xmas songs. Want your favourite to get to number 1? All you have to do is go to the following link which contains a poll and vote for your favourite: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R3PGBQH Many thanks Dj Fletch Euro Truck Radio
  5. Just a reminder to check our website for all the latest information.
  6. Join us at eurotruckradio.com with 24/7 music and live DJs Based around Euro Truck Radio we are your number 1 station for this game. Listen in and make some song shoutouts/ requests. Don't miss out! Listen in at: eurotruckradio.com Did you know you can now listen in game via the radio
  7. Great news. Listen in at eurotruckradio.com for some chat about the new update.
  8. Join me DJ Fletch from 7-9PM this evening on air when I will be discussing this event! Listen in to live Djs and 24/7 music at eurotruckradio.com
  9. We will look into this and try to fix it. I look forward to seeing you all there.
  10. Euro Truck Radio have organised some big events for December. Its the 12 days of Xmas Euro Truck Events. We have convoys, TruckFest, wacky races and much much more. They will be running from Saturday 13th December right through until Friday 26th December. Check out all the details by going to eurotruckradio.com and clicking on the events tab: http://www.eurotruckradio.com/ Make sure you are listening into euro truck radio with 24/7 music and live DJs. Many thanks DJ Fletch Christmas Events Coordinator
  11. A 12 days of Christmas events are planned, with more details to follow shortly, but they include truckfest, races, convoys etc!
  12. Only 4 hours until our exciting announcement! Listen in by going to eurotruckradio.com and click on the listen tab! Your are able to listen on the web or in game, just follow the instructions! You can also chat to other listeners and the DJs from euro truck radio by going to our website, and pressing the chat button and chat to us using our IRC. I look forward to having you join us Thanks DJ Fletch
  13. All will be revealed on air at 8PM GMT. Yes check out our facebook page, and eurotruckradio.com to stay in touch!
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