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  1. New Game Mode

    I'm looking forward to it. Would be fun. Although I'm worried about the CD Road
  2. Did Italy DLC worth it?

    I think it is worth it, it is a really fun DLC And somewhere nice to drive around.
  3. How many miles do you have on your truck?

    My Scania S Is on 146,190 miles.
  4. The Last Post Wins!

    Listen, I am going to win. You just post when the thread ain't active anymore.
  5. What do you hear in this video?

    Laurel. Don't really know how people are hearing yanny, but I know people that are hearing that
  6. I would like to see some cold countries or even Spain. ( Totally opposite of cold, but it would still be good)
  7. Scania S High roof, as it's a sexy truck, plus is great for long and heavy drives.
  8. To be honest, they will more than likely never make a Red Light rule, as busy city's like Calais and Duisburg will be even more congested as people will be stopping at lights.
  9. Kicked for being AFK

    I mean, if your AFK You are not playing, so people that want to play and if the servers ARE full, they get to play. It's just convenient for that to happen in my opinion.
  10. ETS2Map Megathread

    Pretty Cool
  11. I understand. Thanks
  12. First Status Update ever. 


    Just watching the Summer Time ball live atm.