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  1. ok, me tired, me going sleep.

  2. Listen, I am going to win. You just post when the thread ain't active anymore.
  3. First Status Update ever. 


    Just watching the Summer Time ball live atm.

  4. Congrats to all of you! Well done, and some nice pictures.
  5. Like that idea ^ And maybe some emotes you have got in the discord as well?
  6. This has been sent to support many times. And for me all I had to do to sort this was restart my game and if that did not work. Restart my computer. But if the problem Persists after that, send a support ticket to support.truckersmp.com
  7. [TFM DJ] Sam

    FFB Mods

    In my opinion, I think they are ok, but wait till a Mod etc reply's with the answer.
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