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  1. there needs to be a better report system in place. I was on EST2 and this russian guy kept blocking me and ramming me, i would have to keep fully stopping my truck. he did this for half of my trip, he gave me 8 damage but really i think he did more damage to himself. It also doesn't help that i drive by myself with a pink trunk, or maybe its my name? im unsure, because he only targeted me. people kept stopping and watching him and nobody could drive past me because he would block the highway and then proceed to back up and ram me. 

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    2. Pink Copper

      Pink Copper

      Been there, feel free to add me on steam and if people follow you and ramming you ect like that guy did feel free to text me and ill record it for you and send you the recording. :wub: Im more then happy to help.

    3. Curve


      Definitely find some people to drive with that can record. The more the merrier. It makes cases like this easy to deal with. And you're not alone.. it's the reason I record every single time I drive in MP now. Even in the most obscure areas. I just delete the recordings if there's nothing eventful, but then I have it if I need it.

    4. shykitten


      @Curve i would record but i already lag as it is and i dont wanna lag even harder and it will make me lag, i tried to use discord to talk with my friend and it lagged the heck out of me. i usually drive when all my friends are asleep or have to go to work, but yeah i should find some people to drive with.

  2. is the vtlog down for anyone else?

  3. yes i completely stop when pausing and i use the num key 8 to pause
  4. why do i even bother replying to anything on here when the moderators continuously remove my comments. all i replied to someone was that its already winter where i am, OMG such a crime. jfc. 

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    2. shykitten


      @Noxii well i didnt get notified or an explanation so no.

    3. Noxii


      What makes you so certain it was actually a mod that removed anything? Last time I checked if it was on somebodys status on their profile the user can remove comments by themselves on such etc.

    4. Mirrland



      You can PM me about it, I can clarify the our rules-based system and possible reasons as to why it was removed.

  5. just woke up and it snowed here.. 

  6. yeah but you cant do that in mp can you? i only play on mp
  7. no, im not talking about shift tabbing, im talking about pausing in game, i hit the pause button in game not for chatting purposes, yeah but i shouldnt have to exit the game, and when you pause it there is NOTHING you can do. i literally have to bring up task manager just to close the game.
  8. @techwhipped im not using chat over lay or shift tab, its no a chat issue its a pause in game issue. im literally pausing it in game, not for chat purposes
  9. it was a server issue not an issue on my side, now im able to play. ive been playing all day today.
  10. Hello, It seem's that when i pause my game i cannot unpause it, my friend is having the same issue as me. is there a way to fix it or?
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