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  1. thank you for following

    1. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

      Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

      Of nothing I thank you rsrs

  2. New man this very beautiful and well optimized:D:love:


  3. See how beautiful Scania is guys:love:


  4. Merry Christmas, people.

    Feliz natal galera

    feliz navidad galera


  5. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    How to overtake correctly?

    this video should be an example for the galera of europe 2.
  6. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    Changes to the recruitment system

    I liked the new way of recruiting and thank you for the update.
  7. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    TruckersMP Game Moderator Streams

    I really enjoyed this topic, and see the interaction of all developers with their members, excellent.
  8. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    What are you listening to a song on the road

    I really liked the song, and responding to the topic I like to listen to etsfs' radio and some electronic songs and thanks for introducing me to this song I liked it, I'm going to start listening.
  9. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    ATS VNL Airhorn Not Audible to Other Players

    I also have the same problem, if any support can answer this topic and help us thank you too.
  10. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    already fixed

    close all programs that you no longer use, by the task manager, to improve the performance of your PC, if your error persists put the controls back in default, and if not help I recommend you create another save. Hope this helps.
  11. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    About the Cars

    by what I think and what is in the rules the car is to differentiate the traffic and differentiate also a better game to the player, however there are many players who abuse the car and do very bad things with them, and it ends up that the car is targeted of critics and not the drivers who run it. this is my opinion
  12. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    Your goal on TruckersMP

    I want to be able to win the position of GM, and make enough friends here.
  13. that wonderful wallpaper, from the world of truckers event.


  14. photo of the day of the train in commemoration of the map eaa, very show. @David Edson