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  1. Suggestion Name: Set command aliases Suggestion Description: Allow players to alias commands e.g. "/pi" will call "/pinfo" or "/f" will call "/fix". Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think in cases where you get rammed in a fast moving area, it would be easier to type less letters to fix your truck and get going again quicker (and not hold up traffic) than having to type multiple and possibly misstyping.
  2. jakuski

    Disable Air Horns

    Suggestion Name: Disable Air Horns Suggestion Description: Get the ability to disable only the air horn from other players and keep the standard horn playing from other players. Any example images: Negative. Why should it be added?: The air horn is crazy loud and people tend to spam it.
  3. I personally, don't really like this skin. Something about it, I'm not quite sure. As someone said before, I'd much rather prefer a community contest if the team wanted a new police skin design.
  4. HTML (not really a programming language) JS (+node) CSS And learning C++
  5. You could integrate the TMP API into your bot
  6. FanaLEDs for anyone who wants to use the shift lights in ETS.
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