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  1. HTML CSS Javascipt(Node.js) PHP C# Python Vb.net C Java
  2. lol add me in discord then @Mqke#4630 @dowmeister
  3. I am sorry if I am impolite but it is kinda easy to make those features since there is already some APIs out there. So in my bot there will have those features. But as you said I think I can go ask them for collaboration.
  4. ^ just everything that u can think of a discord bot related to truckersmp
  5. Hey guys! I am looking to make a fully functional discord bot for all the vlc or guilds related to truckersmp, But give me your ideas! Your idea can be as big as you want! Just tell me and i will tell u if its doable, things for example notifying a player when he is approching a congested area someonething like that. Feel free to comment! Also i need a name for the discord bot buz i suck at giving names Thanks you!
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